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Written by Steven Iglesias-Hearst   
Wednesday, 03 February 2010
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AZZA Solano 1000R Full-Tower Computer Case
Closer Look: AZZA Solano Exterior
Detailed Exterior Features
Closer Look: CSAZ-1000R Interior
Detailed Interior Features
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

AZZA Solano 1000R Case Review

We test a lot of cases here at Benchmark Reviews, many manufacturers seem to follow the same pattern, thankfully some deviate and create some great works of art. AZZA have taken a few steps away from what is considered conventional with the Solano 1000R (model: CSAZ-1000R) and gave it an extreme bright red interior. The AZZA Solano also boasts "maximum thermal management with fans installed everywhere" to keep your high end hardware cool.

A 230mm red LED fan is mounted on the top for main ventilation, a second 230mm red LED fan is built-in on the side panel, Two additional 140mm red LED fans are installed in the front panel to boost air intake and the cooling of HDD cage, and a 120mm fan is mounted in the back panel to vent to the outside. In sum, a total of two 230mm fans, two 140mm fans and one 120mm fan work in harmony to provide you maximum airflow. This full tower case supports E-ATX, ATX, and Micro ATX motherboards and the thumb screw design allows for easy installation of seven PCI expansion cards. A plethora of drive bays, including up to ten 5.25" and eight 3.5" bays, allow you to grow your system over time. All the bays have a thumb screw design for easy assembly as well. Are you looking for a new case? Join Benchmark Reviews as we examine the Solano 1000R ATX full-tower ATX case.


The AZZA Solano 1000R is built with high-quality Japanese steel, solid and sturdy yet not too heavy. With its bright red interior and a cool black exterior, this is one case that is sure to stand out from the rest.

AZZA Solano Features

Ultra-efficiency Cooling System: 1 x 230mm top fan (exhaust) with 3-speed switch control
1 x 230mm side fan (intake)
2 x 140mm front fans (intake)
1 x 120mm rear fan (exhaust)
Bottom-mounted Power Supply: Power supply is bottom-mounted, can be installed facing either up or down.
Pre-drilled holes located at bottom, allowing efficient air flow when power
supply is installed facing downward
Cable Management: Cable is organized behind the pre-drilled motherboard tray, allowing better
cable routing and internal air flow
Easy Assembling: Thumb screw design for easy assembling of optical drive and HDD;
Thumb screw design also for the side panel
Maximum Compatibility: Compatible with E-ATX, ATX, Micro ATX and all kinds of Nvidia, ATI long
graphic card, and most water cooling systems
Server-like HDD cage can accommodate up to 8 HDD, equipped with 2 x 140mm
front fans for overheat prevention
USB & Audio Ports Located on Top: USB & E-SATA & audio ports located on the top panel, allowing for easy access

CSAZ-1000R Specifications

Model Name: Solano 1000R
Model Number: CSAZ-1000R
Type: ATX Full Tower
Color: Black/Red (Interior Chassis)
Material: Japanese SECC Steel/Metal mesh in front
With Side Panel Window: Yes
With Power Supply: No
Motherboard Compatibility: ATX, Micro-ATX, E-ATX(12"x10.3")
External 5.25" Drive Bay: 10
External 3.5" Drive Bay: 1
Internal 3.5" Drive Bay: 8
Expansion: 7
Front Ports
Front Ports 3 x USB, E-SATA, Audio, Mic
Cooling System
230mm Fan: 1 x 230mm red LED silent fan (24DBA) on top
1 x 230mm red LED silent fan (24DBA) on the side
140mm Fan: 2 x 140mm red LED silent fans (19DBA) in front
120mm Fan: 1x120mm fan in rear
Physical Spec
Dimensions (H x W x D): 19.7" (500mm) x 8.1" (213mm) x 21.5" (545mm)

About the company: AZZA

AZZA's Mission is simple: Your satisfaction is our success!

Jumpstarted with the vision to build a premier corporate company that consistently exceeds the managed expectations of our customers, team members and partners, AZZA is driven by the Mission to provide the highest quality products of unmatched value, along with exemplary customer support. We do this via the efforts of a highly dedicated, professional, productive and experienced workforce who shares a commitment to the long-term growth and success of the company.



# Azza CSAZ-1000R vs Nox CoolBay HXFrank 2010-03-02 08:15
Hi, isn`t this the same as a Nox Coobla HX with red painted (just like their coolbay red devil edition)? Just a thought

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# RE: AZZA Solano 1000R Full-Tower Computer CaseLaurentio 2010-04-25 11:55
well, i think this case is very identical to the NOX coolbay HX.. i had it once and when i saw nox coolbay, it's almost exactly the same.. the difference lies on the front fans.. azza solano has 2 front fans while nox coolbay hx only has one.. the rest remains exactly the same.. i really wonder if these two cases have any relations to each other..
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# This is 90% Antec 900 10% AzzaBdubs 2010-09-08 09:46
Show some LED lit pictures.
The fan layout (two front, 1 back, and a large top exhaust fan is all Antec 900). Even the beveled slope to the front end is. Azza added a large side case fan that the Antec only provided a place to attack a fan to (much smaller fan as well). The 1" feet and venting holes on the bottom of the case are a nice customization to the Antec case... The addition of Esata on the front panel and a lighted button are nice (albeit PITA if you need to change it out to RED).

Things they didn't improve & made more difficult are the HD cages & mounting new Harddrives. Takes less than 30-60 seconds to undo and remove the HD cages to change drives around.
These were $69.99 AR & Free shipping and Newegg this past summer but who knows if those prices will come back.
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# Can you add some pictures showing it illuminated at night or in a dark room?Bdubs 2010-09-08 09:47
First thanks for the review. Would have been nice if you had shown some night time or dark room pictures showing the LED & lighting. I also have built a read themed case but unlike you I felt (from the pictures on Newegg) that the RED paint was just a little bit overwhelming. I wanted the lighting to be the focus and a nice contrast with the black or silver of most cases.
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# Mr.Dennis 2012-02-04 06:26
What's the biggest motherboard you can fit in this thing?
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