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Written by Joey Peng - Edited by Olin Coles   
Sunday, 31 January 2010
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NZXT Tempest-EVO Case TEVO-001BK
Closer Look: Tempest Evo Exterior
Detailed Exterior Features
Closer Look: Tempest Evo Interior
Detailed Interior Features
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Detailed Interior Features

Migrating hardware into the NZXT Tempest Evo case went pretty smoothly. Installation of the hard drive was made incredibly easy thanks to the screwless rail design.

NZXT_Tempest Evo_Case_TEVO-001BK

Once the rails were positioned properly, just slide it into the cage and it will automatically clip on and hold the hard drive in place. Simple and effective. It's also very interesting how it's designed like a server HDD rack.

NZXT_Tempest Evo_Case_TEVO-001BK

All three fans on the top of the case can be removed and replaced should you choose to. The case comes with wires tied up nicely. It's strongly recommended that you don't untie them completely if you want to keep the cables neat. Each fan has 2 wires, both long enough to reach the opposite side of the case. Best would be to untie just a little bit, connect the fans to each other, and unwrap one power connector for routing to the PSU.

NZXT_Tempest Evo_Case_TEVO-001BK

There are three slots for external drives, tool-free design. There are wires that drop down from the top, which connect to the power buttons and ports. They will touch your top external drive even if you try to route the wires along the side and slip through the cable management openings.

NZXT_Tempest Evo_Case_TEVO-001BK

To insert and external drive, simply turn the knob and the holder pops right out. You can see the screw holes matching up. Once inserted, stick the holder into the matching whole screw, turn the knob and it locks. However the lock doesn't seem to be tight enough. When the disk drive is spinning at maximum speed, the entire case vibrates and it can get a little shaky.

NZXT_Tempest Evo_Case_TEVO-001BK

Overall the interior is well done. A few parts lack a little, which is unfortunate, but overall usability is great. Small details like rubber stands for power supply, rubber fringes for cable management really make the case nicer. There has been significant improvements from the original Tempest that make this new case much better.


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