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Written by Olin Coles   
Friday, 15 June 2007
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Edova Innovations Xpad Notebook Heat Shield
Closer Look and Conclusion

Edova Xpad Introduction

There is a growing trend in notebook computers which could put you in harms way. Since the recent discovery of thousands of defective notebook batteries being used in many of the most popular brands, explosion and heat related injuries have been on the rise. Even though the majority of notebooks are using stable batteries, most systems are so powerful now that the user is still not free and clear of potential burns during routine use. Most users will agree that the term laptop may no longer apply, as the aptly named devices are showing up less and less on a users lap.

Exploded View of Edova Innovations X-Pad

This is why the market has become suddenly flooded with new products to address the excessive heat a notebook may produce. Some devices use A/C power to operate a series of fans, and other devices integrate a USB controller and run from the power provided by the device itself (which come to think of it, may escalate the problems which have been making the heatlines lately). Very few products on the market require no power at all, and still produce remarkable results. One of those products is the Xpad by Edova Innovations, LLC.

I have had the recent pleasure of actually using my Dell Inspiron 6400 from my lap. Previously this could not be done unless I wanted to be very uncomfortable, or in some cases burned; which is why I have referred to it as a notebook computer. Thanks to the Xpad, I am able to comfortably use my notebook from my lap, which might just start me onto calling it a laptop again.

Available Internationally for $24.99, the Edova Innovations Xpad is practically a requirement for any owner of a modern notebook computer. I have been testing my Xpad for nearly a month now, and the two greatest things that have me suggesting it to others is the slim yet effective design which allows me to store it directly against my notebook inside the case, and the soft comfortable padded underside. An additional benefit is the outer dimension of the Xpad are nearly identical to the outer dimensions of my Dell Inspiron 6400, which means it goes unnoticed while it is beneath the notebook.

Convenient Usage in any Environment

About the company:

Edova Innovations, LLC is a US based company operating out of California. They maintain a website at: Additionally, Edova is available by mail at:

EDOVA Innovations, LLC
P.O. Box 5172
Playa Del Rey, CA 90296



# RE: Edova Innovations Xpad Notebook Heat Shieldjean 2010-03-30 16:49
The product works. However, the price is too high for such a simple product.
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