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Written by David Ramsey   
Wednesday, 16 December 2009
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Cooler Master HAF-932 AMD Edition AM-932
Closer Look: HAF AMD Exterior
Detailed Exterior Features
HAF932 AMD Extra Features
Closer Look: AM932 Interior
Detailed Interior Features
Building the HAF AMD System
HAF932 AMD Final Thoughts
AM-932-RWN1-GP Conclusion

Detailed Interior Features

As befits such a large case, there's plenty of room for your devices in the Cooler Master HAF 932 AMD Edition, with 6 5.35" bays and 5 3.5" bays. Push-button locking retainers secure 5.25" devices on one side only; for devices where you might have to exert some pressure on the front, such as card readers, adding a screw or two on the other side is a good idea. This shot shows an optical drive in the top bay, an ASUS ROG OC Station in the next two bays, and a card reader mounted in the supplied 3.5" adapter in the fourth bay, along with two hard drives in the 3.5" bays.


3.5" hard drives snap into a drive caddy, which in turn slides into the drive cage and locks into place when you fold the lever down.


The Cooler Master HAF 932 AMD Edition uses the same toolless card retention mechanism seen in other Cooler Master cases. Note the "lip" on front of the retaining latch that keeps your card back plate tight against the back of the case. The screw holes are threaded in case you need to use a screw, which will come in handy as we'll see later.


Looking up towards the inside top of the case, we see the 230mm upper exhaust fan and upper power supply mount.


The power supply rests on a raised stand with plenty of (unfiltered) ventilation holes under it. Just ahead of the power supply area are mounting points for an additional 120mm fan. If you choose to mount a power supply at the top of the case, you can remove the power supply stand and mount another 120mm fan there.


A nice touch: as with many cases, the included fans have both 3-pin motherboard connectors and 4 pin Molex connectors. However, the Molex connectors may be easily removed, so you don't have them dangling in the case if you decide to use the 3 pin connectors.


The inside dimensions of the case are 20.5" from the top to the bottom; 8.5" from the motherboard tray to the side panel, and 13" from the backplane slots to the 3.5" device bays. You won't have any trouble fitting your Radeon 5970 into this case.

In the next section, I'll show you what it's like to build a system in this case.


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