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Written by David Ramsey   
Wednesday, 16 December 2009
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Cooler Master HAF-932 AMD Edition AM-932
Closer Look: HAF AMD Exterior
Detailed Exterior Features
HAF932 AMD Extra Features
Closer Look: AM932 Interior
Detailed Interior Features
Building the HAF AMD System
HAF932 AMD Final Thoughts
AM-932-RWN1-GP Conclusion

Closer Look: AM932 Interior

The Cooler Master HAF 932 AMD Edition can accommodate micro-ATX, standard ATX, and extended ATX motherboards. There are plenty of routing holes and tie-down points for cable management, and a large opening under the CPU socket area to mount a backplate for a third party CPU cooler or water block without having to remove your motherboard. You can choose to mount a power supply at the top of the case by removing the existing back plate and upper fan. This would leave plenty of room for a water cooling pump and reservoir at the bottom of the case. You could even install two power supplies.


Inside the case is a box containing the case accessories. There's a set of casters to replace the stock case feet; a baggie of screws and zip ties, as well as a small speaker to plug into your motherboard; a 3.5" device bay cover, a 3.5" device bay adapter, and an eight-pin EPS-12V extension cable, a nice touch since the connector on your motherboard will probably be at the top of the case, and the power supply at the bottom. However, this connector might not fit a four-pin EPS socket if there are components next to it on your motherboard. Disappointingly, there's no mounting solution provided for 2.5" devices such as SSDs.


At the rear of the case we can see the 7 slots for your expansion boards, the 140mm rear exhaust fan, and the power supply mounting area. In a case this large, it would have been nice to see an 8-slot backplane; as it is, a tri-SLI or tri-Crossfire system would probably require you to mount your power supply at the top of the case. The bottom of the case is vented, but again there are no air filters.


Looking at the right side of the case, we have another view of the cable routing and tie-down points. The motherboard tray in this case is not removable, but the large size of the case and the excellent cable routing mean this feature isn't missed much.


There's plenty of room behind the motherboard tray and drive bays for won't have to force the side panel on.


Let's taker a closer look at the interior in the next section.


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