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Written by David Ramsey   
Monday, 14 December 2009
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ASUS ENGT240 1GB GDDR3 Video Card
ASUS ENGT240 GDDR3 Features
ASUS GeForce GT 240 Closer Look
ENGT240 GDDR3 Detailed Features
Video Card Testing Methodology
3DMark Vantage GPU Tests
Crysis Warhead Tests
Devil May Cry 4 Benchmark
Far Cry 2 Benchmark
Resident Evil 5 Tests
ASUS GT 240 GDDR3 Temperatures
VGA Power Consumption
ASUS ENGT240 GDDR3 Final Thoughts
ASUS ENGT240 GDDR3 Conclusion


As enthusiasts, we're always interested in the latest monster video cards: the expensive, high-end products that blast through benchmarks and play all your games with buttery-smooth frame rates at the highest resolutions with all the settings maxed out- and sucking a not inconsiderable amount of electricity while doing so! But these products represent only a tiny fraction of the number of video cards sold; the low-to-mid-end cards comprise the bulk of the market. Besides, a GTX285 or Radeon 5870 isn't the ideal solution for every situation: considerations from a limited budget to building a small, quiet system come into play. NVIDIA has been filling out the low-middle end of their video card product line lately, and in this article Benchmark Reviews tests the ASUS ENGT240/DI/1GD3/A video card equipped with with NVIDIA's new GeForce GT240 GPU and 1GB of GDDR3 memory.

The ASUS ENGT240 is a new product only in the sense that it's now available at the retail level; a slightly higher-spec version, the GTS 240, has been available for some time as an "OEM only" part restricted to systems builders. Despite its "GT240" designation, this is not a card based on NVIDIA's newer GT200 GPU like the 260, 270, 280 and 290 series cards; it's based on the older G92 series processors previously used in NVIDIA's 8x00 and 9x00 series cards, albeit rendered in a spiffy new 40 nanometer process that keeps the die size small, yields up, and power and heat levels down. With 96 stream processors, the ASUS ENGT240 seems to slot in neatly between the 9600GT (64 processors) and the 9800GT with 112 processors, but must make do with a 128-bit memory interface while the 9600/9800 have a 256 bit interface.


The low-mid range video card market is much more crowded than the high-end market: while only a few cards exist in the $300-and-up segment, there are dozens in the sub-$200 segment, often with overlapping prices, features, and performance, and this is where the ASUS ENGT240 is competing. It's also competing against the GDDR5 version of itself, since ASUS also offers this card in another configuration with 512M of GDDR5 memory. Read on to see how it compares and whether it's a card you should consider.

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