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Written by Olin Coles   
Tuesday, 15 December 2009
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Benchmark Reviews Editors Choice Awards 2009
Best in Class: Accessories
Best in Class: Cases
Best in Class: Cooling
Best in Class: Motherboards
Best in Class: Network Storage
Best in Class: Processors
Best in Class: Data Storage
Best in Class: Video Cards
2009 Editors Choice Awards

2009 Editors Choice Awards

As we celebrate the last final days leading into 2010, Benchmark Reviews is proud of our work over the past year. I would like to thank our writing staff and website visitors for helping to shape these choices, and in condensed format I present to you our 2009 Editor's Choice Award winners:


Computer Cases

CPU CoolersBenchmark_Reviews_2009_Editors_Choice_Award_360px.png


Network Storage

Desktop Processors

Data Storage

Video Cards

Worst of 2009

It's no secret that Benchmark Reviews hand-picks the products we test; since time is limited and expenses must be kept low. We generally focus on consumer-favored product categories, and try our best to compare as many products within that category as possible. Most of the products we review are incrementally better than the next, but occasionally we discover a new product that raises the bar for the entire market-segment. Of course, sometimes we find a product that shouldn't have packaged for retail sale... thus earning a spot on our list of the worst products for 2009:

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