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Written by Servando So Yong Silva Sohn - Edited by Olin Coles   
Friday, 27 November 2009
Table of Contents: Page Index
AVIVO PureVideo HD DXVA GPU Acceleration Guide
Meet the AVIVO and PureVideo
Setting up your Software
Setup MPC HC
GPU setup
Testbeds and Methodology
Power DVD 9: CPU usage
Power DVD 9: ION based HTPC
Power DVD: Image Quality
Enhancing Video with GPU shaders
MPC HC Image Quality
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

ATI Catalyst Control Center Options

Before you start playing HD content please keep in mind you have some interesting settings depending on your GPU. Set your ATI GPU, right-click on your desktop and open ATI Catalyst Control Center. Having the latest drives will result into the new center layout which looks very simple. At the left-top click on Graphics and select the AVIVO Video option. This will display a menu pretty much like this:


Click on the all settings tab and access to all the AVIVO stuff. I recommend you to enable Color vibrance and Flesh Tone correction. I usually put this up to 100% but it´s up to you to put it where you desire depending on your monitor, environment and preferences. Scroll down the bar and enable Pulldown detection and Dynamic contrast. Also Enforce Smooth Video Playback and then the most important options are Edge-enhancement and De-noise. Enable those settings and play with them until you find the IQ desired. I use 100% de-noise and I´ve found Edge-enhancement works between 30%-50%. Don´t worry about finding the best profiles, you can even open a Video with Power DVD (GPU Accelerated of course) and change these options on the fly to find your best combination.


NVIDIA Control Panel Settings

If you have an NVIDIA GPU, press right-click on your desktop and go to the NVIDIA Control Panel. Select the Adjust Video Image Settings tab and you´ll find this:


Please select the Use the NVIDIA setting on both options and test while you find the best setup for your conditions. Also enable De-interlacing. This time I prefer to bump to 100% both Edge-enhancement and Noise Reduction since I´ve found NVIDIA isn´t as aggressive as ATI (specially with Edge-enhancement) and the difference it´s less noticeable, but again, open a video on Power DVD and change this options in the fly until you find the best arrangement. Up to this point, we are ready to start playing some Full HD content and check results, so let´s show our contenders!


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