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Written by David Ramsey - Edited by Olin Coles   
Thursday, 22 October 2009
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Belkin Flip 2-port DVI USB KVM Switch F1DG102D
Features and Specifications
Closer Look: Belkin Flip
Belkin Flip Detailed Features
Testing and Results
Belkin F1DG102D Conclusion

Belkin Flip F1DG102D DVI-USB KVM

Belkin offers a wide variety of KVMs, from inexpensive dual-port switches intended for the home to large, expensive 16-port rack-mount switches that can handle multiple computers and multiple consoles. Some even have built-in monitors! Today Benchmark Reviews is examining the Belkin Flip F1DG102D, a very basic KVM switch.

This switch allows you to share a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers between two computers. It's one of a variety of Flip models, which range from a simple VGA-PS/2 switch with no audio for $39.00 to the DVI-USB model reviewed, which is $159.99. The Flip is a simple, modular design with a two-cable assembly that connects to the rear of the switch, and a set of connectors in the front:

belkin flip F1DG102D overview

About Belkin

Belkin International, Inc., offers an extensive range of innovations designed to give computer and consumer electronics users seamless integration in their homes, cars, and on the go. Belkin, a privately held company founded in California in 1983, is the recognized global leader in connectivity solutions. Since our inception in 1983, Belkin has experienced an amazing 25 consecutive years of dramatic growth and remains committed to making significant strides in the areas of research and design.

Our diverse and far-reaching product mix includes award-winning innovations for easy-to-use networking solutions, accessories for mobile devices, such as iPod, iPhoneTM, laptops, and netbooks, as well as energy conservation products.

Belkin also provides business-class solutions that include KVM switches, LCD rack consoles, racks and enclosures, in addition to a broad USB and cable product mix. Belkin has developed industry-leading innovations, prized by channel partners and end users alike for their dependability, customer service, and comprehensive warranties.



# QuestionBartlomiej 2012-06-11 00:45
I have a question about this switcher and it's: if I don't plug in to it any mouse or keyboard, can I still use two different mouses and keyboards from a different computers ( dell, iMac ) wirelessly, because both of them are using wireless connections...???
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# RE: QuestionDavid Ramsey 2012-06-11 07:42
I don't understand what you're asking.
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# Its okBartlomiej 2012-06-12 23:26
Question is so simply, but tats ok...
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# RE: Its okDavid Ramsey 2012-06-13 08:15
Well, I'll try: I think you're asking if you can connect the switch to two different computers' video and audio, but each computer has a wireless mouse and keyboard, right?

That would work: you can press the switch to select the computer you'd like to see on the monitor, and simply use the correct keyboard. You would have to remember that the keyboards would not be switched, and it would probably be more convenient to use a keyboard and mouse connected to the switch. But it would work, if I understand what you're asking.
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# ThanksBartlomiej 2012-06-13 11:28
Yes u got it, I was asking that because both mouses and keyboards are wireless so I dont have usb connectors from them but to use one set of keyboard and mouse to operate both computers I will use synergy software.....
Thank you for your are the best !!!
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# linux experiencemwf104 2012-07-12 07:13
The delay in recognizing the keyboard and mouse is definitely a Windows problem. I have used this switch for several years to switch between a windows laptop/docking station and Linux workstation, and the Linux machine picks up the keyboard/mouse immediately whereas the windows laptop does not. That is annoying, so I keep the laptop open enough that I can use its keyboard/mouse to unlock the screen lock while I wait for it to recognize the other input devices.

This low-end switching is also a benefit if you have a smart card reader integrated to your keyboard because it switches that also. If it emulated the keyboard, the smart card reader probably wouldn't work.

I thought the video did not work properly and was only using it to switch the keyboard and mouse but later found out it was the DVI cable and not the switch at all. Once I switched DVI cables, it seems to be working perfectly with a 1600x1200 monitor.

The different length cables is weird, but chances are it will be close to one or the other, so it's really only a problem if you care which machine is "green" and which is "yellow." Otherwise, whichever one it's close to is yellow. Having one computer on each side of the desk or one under the desk worked ok for me. If they were both long it'd just be more rat's nest behind the desk.
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# RE: Belkin Flip 2-port DVI USB KVM Switch F1DG102DDavid Ramsey 2012-07-12 07:24
I still use this switch, even after all these years. The sad thing is that Belkin doesn't seem to make it anymore.
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