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Written by Olin Coles   
Friday, 10 November 2006
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Lian Li PC-B20A Aluminum Mid-Tower ATX Case
PC-B20A Exterior Details
Basic Interior Features
PC-B20A Interior Details
Lian Li PC-B20A Fit and Finish

Closer Look: PC-B20A Interior Details

Lian Li has already sold me on their PC-B20A case. Just looking at this case would convince even the most die-hard enthusiast that only the best components are nestled inside. Finally, even I can enjoy a case that lets my computer look as fast as it actually runs.

Brushed Aluminum Never Had It So Good

Perhaps my admiration for the Lian Li PC-B20A is partially due to my consistent use of painted or anodized black computer cases. On the other hand, even if this case were painted pink I might still find great appreciation for the subtle design and thoughtful engineering. Even a half-naked PC-B20A still looks good, as proved by the image above.

 Hard Disk Drive Grommet Mount System & Rack

My vote is still not in regarding the choice Lian Li has used for mounting the hard disk drives in the PC-B20A. To begin with, the hard disk drive rack can accommodate no more then three disks. Each disk must have four screw and rubber grommets placed at the mounting corners, and then you press the drive assembly into place inside the rack.

This design offers some convenience, since removing the drive is the simple matter of unplugging the power and data cable. However, the screws and grommets must both be removed if the drive is to be installed elsewhere. It seems like the tab system which Lian Li utilized to hold the 5.25" devices in place could have been designed to work with hard disk mounting as well.

Fan Speed Controller Connections

One item of interest is the connection side to the fan speed controller. From the front we brought attention to the fan speed switch, but behind that simple switch is what I would consider a redeeming quality. Since Lian Li has included two fans in the PC-B20 series, one 120mm VGA fan and complimentary 80mm CPU fan, it seems very appropriate to have the fan speed controller switch offer support for both fans. In my configuration, I found that the 80mm fan was remarkably quite at every setting, whereas the 120mm VGA fan could be a little loud at full speed. In the end I plugged the CPU fan directly into the motherboard for full power at all times, but the VGA fan was kept on a leash so I don't have to tell it to quite down.

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