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Written by Cyle Coles - Edited by Olin Coles   
Sunday, 30 August 2009
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Warpia Wireless USB Display Adapter SWP100
Features and Specifications
Closer Look: USB Display Adapter
Warpia SWP100 Detailed Features
Testing and Results
Dual Unit Test Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Warpia Wireless USB Display Adapter SWP100

If you have ever tried to share vacation pictures or videos with friends and family then you know the 4 square inch screen on your digital camera just will not do the job. Don't like the idea of huddling around you computer or laptop to share these precious moments? Then the Warpia Wireless USB Display Adapter Set model SWP100 is the perfect solution. The folks at Warpia provide everything needed to view PC content wirelessly on TV's, monitors or projectors from distances up to 30 feet. Utilizing a VGA or HDMI cable to connect your TV, monitor or projector to the Video Adapter you will be enjoying 720p HD video in a few short minutes.

Will the Warpia Display Adapter be the one to have in your accessory arsenal? It very well could be so Benchmark Reviews put it to the test to find out. In this article, Benchmark Reviews sets out to subject the Warpia Adapter to vigorous testing in an effort to determine if the Adapter lives up to the marketing proclamations; or misses the mark.


The Warpia USB Adapter is easy to install using the quick start guide and installation CD so even those who are a little phobic of technology can be up and running in mere minutes. If the HD video is streaming seamlessly and pictures are bright and colorful, then the Warpia Adapter may truly be a must have for your techno tool box.

About the company: Warpia

Here is some insight to the company vision for this product from their website.

Warpia, a leading provider of single-chip based Wireless USB solutions, distributes a Wireless USB Display Adapter Set that wirelessly transfers PC content to TVs, monitors and projectors. The Wireless USB Display Adapter allows users to view video, Internet content and pictures from their computer on monitors and HDTV displays without the hassle of extra cables.

The Warpia Wireless USB Adapter Set features VGA and HDMI connectivity options and supports up to 1400x1050 screen resolution. It provides a wireless range of up to 30 feet (in the same room).



# Detail about Warpia SWP100 and how to get itPrasanta 2010-03-24 23:35

I want to have one "Warpia SWP100" can i have the detail about the product. Any offiecial website for the product. What is the price of the product,how to buy the product.

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# RE: Warpia Wireless USB Display Adapter SWP100Jamie Asch 2010-10-02 14:24
I very interested in this product, but I don't have an HD TV. Is it still possible to use it?
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# Stay Away from this productTBAZ 2011-01-18 13:36
We purchased multiple units in two different orders. Was told the devices would not communicate through walls. Tried several troubleshooting methods to no avail. Contacted support, I was told several times they where working on the issue. I conveyed to Warpia I only had so many days before I would not be able to return all the units. I was promised they would get them working. Luckily, I went ahead and returned 16 units, I still was in the time frame to be returned. Unfortunately, I am stuck with 12 units. Warpia support conveniently stopped responding after the time period of return. These units are junk. They might work briefly, but the video will all of a sudden be jumpy or stop responding completely. Oh by the way never use channel 14, Warpia support states that channel does not work. I strongly discourage anyone from buying this product, especially in a school environment. It will be a waste of time and money. Do not believe the promises that Warpia tells you. They are lies.
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# RE: Stay Away from this productRobert 2013-11-14 09:17
I agree completely, we employ warpia a at our institute for presentations. They actually work well for powerpoints, but video lags terribly, and the support from warpia is atrocious.
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# Warpia Wireless USB Display Adapter SWP100Ronaldo Rego 2011-11-01 11:36
Gostaria de comprar Warpia Wireless USB Display Adapter SWP100,onde posso encontar.
Moro em Ceres, estado de Goias, Brasil.

Aguardo resposta,


Ronaldo Ręgo
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# Director of ITJeremy 2012-08-28 12:49
Bought one of these for our conf room and it works great. Even having it on a i5 slate instead of a full laptop it performs well.

But it works great and look good.
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