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Written by Olin Coles   
Tuesday, 22 May 2007
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Antec P182 Performance One ATX Case
Antec P182 Specifications
Closer Look: P182 Exterior
Closer Look: P182 Interior
P182 Detailed Interior Features
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Introduction: Antec P182

The original P180 series joined the Performance One family in early 2005. Nearly two years to the anniversary, Antec has released the refined P182 Performance One ATX case. The name may be new, but the engineers borrowed heavily from the old P180 to create this improved design. Benchmark Reviews has compared both cases side by side, and we clearly define the innovative changes in the new Antec P182 Performance One ATX Case in this review.

Antec P182 ATX Case

The computer case (also referred to as the chassis or enclosure) has become a means to extend your personal tastes into a unique appearance. Nobody knows this better than the system builders who cater to the demanding consumer, or the do-it-yourself enthusiast and hardcore gamer. Since modifying a computer case is an extremely involved endeavor for only the most patient craftsman, the next best solution is to purchase from the myriad of styles, sizes, and purpose-driven cases available on the market today. Not surprisingly, Antec offers many of the cases we have seen when we speak of the many styles.

Antec P182 Performance One ATX Case

For this article, I will compare the new Antec P182 Performance One ATX case to the older Antec P180B from which it was improved from. One thing certainly hasn't changed: the name doesn't say much. I have learned that sometimes seeing the product is better than hearing the name, which is why I have plenty of images to help explain what the P182 is really about.

Introducing the P182, the newest edition in Antec's continually improving Performance One design. More innovations have been built in, such as an external fan control for the top and rear fans, a special gun metal black finish, cable organizers and even rubber grommeted ports for externally mounted liquidcooling radiators. All of these improvements build upon the great features of the original P180: the triple layer side panels and door design, and the upper and lower chamber structure to isolate power supply heat from the rest of your components. The P182 truly is the new standard by which all other performance cases will be measured.

About the company: Antec, Inc.About the company: Antec, Inc.

Antec began in 1986, long before the tech boom of the late 1990’s, in Fremont, California. Now operating offices in the United States and Europe, Antec offers products to 25 countries worldwide. Presently, Antec maintains a popular range of products in: computer cases, power supplies, cooling fans, lighting components, and accessories. Antec is the original High Performance Upgrade company, which created the PC upgrade replacement category at retail. Their enclosures and power supplies have been the #1 seller by far in North American distribution and retail channels for five years running.


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