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Written by Olin Coles   
Friday, 03 July 2009
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QNAP TS-809 Pro 8-Bay SATA NAS
QNAP Turbo NAS Features
TS-809 Pro Hardware
TS-809 Pro Software
QPKG Center Software Expansion
Closer Look: QNAP TS-809 Pro
QNAP v3 User Interface
NAS Testing Methodology
NAS Testing Results
RAID-5 Test Results
NAS Server Final Thoughts
QNAP TS-809 Pro Conclusion

QNAP TS-809 Pro Turbo NAS

Not every enterprise needs a file server to fit their needs; sometimes storage is the primary concern. Network Attached Storage (NAS) servers have helped corporate IT professionals delivery massive storage capacity at a price more in touch with a basic workstation. QNAP, a pioneer in NAS products, is the first to offer a an unmatched level of network storage. The QNAP TS-809 Pro allows up to eight SATA drives to be installed in RAID-0/1/5/6/5+Spare, and JBOD; all featuring iSCSI target services and AES 256-bit volume-based encryption. The 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 2GB of DDR2 memory allow the dual Gigabit Ethernet network adapters to move data at speeds most network products only dream of. In this article, Benchmark Reviews tests bandwidth performance on the QNAP TS-809 Pro against some of the fastest NAS products available.


High performance and advanced RAID redundancyqnap_ts-809_features_cloud.jpg

The TS-809 Pro is featured with Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz CPU and 2GB DDRII memory. It supports RAID 0/ 1/ 5/ 6/ 5+Spare, JBOD, Online RAID Capacity Expansion, and Online RAID Level Migration.

The Most Affordable and Flexible iSCSI Solution

The TS-809 Pro can serve as a NAS and an iSCSI target server. The built-in iSCSI target feature provides an affordable IP-SAN (Storage Area Network) alternative for SMB. You can set up the NAS to expand the storage capacity for existing application servers, such as database server and mail server in an economic way. Moreover, the "Virtual Space Allocation" (Thin Provisioning) feature is provided which allows you to flexibly allocate the capacity of iSCSI LUN (Logical Unit Number) at the beginning regardless of the physical volume capacity.

Versatile Applications for Business

The TS-809 Pro supports file sharing across Linux, UNIX, Mac, and Windows platforms. Versatile business are supported, e.g. file server, FTP server with encryption, and printer server, PHP/MySQL supported web server, and encrypted remote replication . Also, Windows AD (Active Directory) is supported to help create an easy-to-access environment and lower the maintenance cost. SSH login and web page SSL login enable you to transfer, store, and share data securely.

Secure Data Protection by AES 256-bit Volume-based Encryption

The TS-809 Pro's dominant "volume-based encryption" feature secures the server data by AES 256-bit encryption. Even if the hard drives were stolen, there is no need to fear that the confidential data would be leaked since the data can only be accessed by an authorized password.

Easy Setup and Low-cost Maintenance

The handy LCD display on the NAS provides a speedy and easy approach to initialize the NAS and set up the RAID configuration without using any computer. The system information and settings are also displayed for easy management. The schedule power on/off feature is available on the NAS for you to flexibly manage the NAS server's up time according to the working hours. Also, the smart Wake on LAN is supported for convenient remote wakeup of the NAS in the local network.

About QNAP Systems, Inc.QNAP Logo

QNAP Systems, Inc. (QNAP) is a devoted and dominant provider of Internet Appliance products. With our solid and integrated expertise in the Linux embedded platform, QNAP has released more than 30 models for the network storage and digital network surveillance series over the past 6 years, providing our consumers with high performance and high reliability storage, backup, and surveillance solutions. Today, QNAP continues to lead the industry with our innovation in design and technology.


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