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Written by Olin Coles   
Friday, 30 March 2007
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nMedia SVC-737CU Hydraumatic Pure Copper VGA Cooler
Installation and Compatability
Performance and Conclusion

nMedia SVC-737CU

Since the introduction of the newest video cards, namely the GeForce 8800 series, their hasn't been much attention placed on previously released products. Somehow, the media would like you to believe that everyone dropped whatever it was they were doing, and ran out to buy the latest greatest video card with their life savings. Despite this displaced attention, the aftermarket for video card cooling solutions still has something for everyone. nMedia System is a prominent manufacturer of HTPC components, and Media Center products. True to their efforts, nMedia System offers nMedia SVC-737CU Hydraumatic Pure Copper VGA Cooler for video cards destined for low-profile and small-form enclosures.

 nMedia System SVC-737CU

Intended to replace sub-par reference cooling solutions packed with previous GeForce generations (4-7), as well as Radeon and X series video cards, this all-copper performance cooling solution is an inexpensive improvement for high-output past-generation video cards. The nMedia System SVC-737CU I am testing was installed onto an ATI Radeon X1600 Pro and compared against the included HIS iceQ cooling solution from Arctic Cooling.

About the company: nMedia System

There is a company out there that is thinking of you, and they have built a line of enclosures that will have you replacing your DVD player, DVR, and stereo, all for a stylish HTPC. This company is nMedia System. Like most emerging companies that have made a success in the enthusiast market, nMedia System originates from overseas. With offices in Hong Kong and GunagZhou, China, as well as a stateside presence in Fremont, California, nMedia System offers a wealth of research and development for their enthusiast line of products.

Features and Contents






VGA Card Processor

Bearing Type

Hydraumatic / Life: 30,000 Hrs


1,700 ~ 3,200 ±10% RPM

Noise Level

16 ~ 25 ±10% dBA

Power Connector

3 Pin

Fan Color


Heatsink Material

Pure Copper


115 (L) x 90 (W) x 41 (H) mm

One PCI space is required to install the cooler

Package Content

Heatsink Assembly (SVC-737AL)
8 x RAM Heatsinks

Fan Speed Controller
Thermal Grease
User Manual


Fan installed in the heatsink(FHS) cools not only the VGA chipset and VGA RAM, but all other VGA components as well
Free Fan speed Controller and 8 RAM Heatsinks

Caution: Check website for VGA chipset compatibility before purchase

As noted in the dimension section above, using the SVC-737CU will take one additional device slot. On most motherboards this should not be much concern. However, when you begin to work with mATX motherboards with limited slot space to begin with, this could become an issue.

Retail Packaging

Looking at the SVC-737CU inside the clear retail plastic packaging, the heatsink fins take on the appearance of a butterfly or possibly some other winged creature. Clearly, the name SVC-737CU does not roll off the tongue quite like the names of other heatsink solutions on the market. But more important then the name is what nMedia System offers for the money. High performance at a low price is always a great combination.


Besides the full-copper heatsink, nMedia also includes a speed controller for the fan, and eight adhesive aluminum RAM heatsinks. On the ATI Radeon X1600 Pro, there are four RAM modules integrated into the video card, so half of the RAM heatsinks were applied to exposed RAM modules on the top and the remaining half to the bottom.

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