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Written by Hank Tolman - Edited by Olin Coles   
Wednesday, 27 May 2009
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Olevia 227-S11 27-Inch 1080i Widescreen LCD HDTV
HDTV Features and Specifications
Olevia 27-inch LCD HDTV Closer Look
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Olevia 227V Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Olevia 227V-211 27-inch HDTV

HDTVs are rapidly becoming the norm rather than the exception. With such new-found popularity, there are more TVs than ever to choose from. The wise consumer contemplates overall value rather than just size and brand name. Benchmark Reviews seeks out the value in HDTVs with this review of the 27-Inch 1080i Widescreen Olevia 227V-S11 LCD HDTV; a steal at just over $400. Olevia is quickly making High Definition the standard with their affordable line of HDTVs, and they aren't skimping on quality in the process.

It seems like every company that produces any type of consumer electronics is trying to jump on the HDTV bandwagon. Of the hundreds of new brand names, which is the best value? Today Benchmark Reviews will be considering the Olevia 227V-S11 27-inch LCD HDTV to see if meets the standards set by the market, both in its quality and where it hurts the most, our wallet.

The Olevia 227V-S11 is a 27-inch LCD HDTV that has helped Olevia redefine the way we look at HDTVs. LCD and Plasma screen HDTVs still seem like the newest, hottest items, despite their becoming much more popular. As such, we imagine them to be a large purchase, something that can wait, or just plain too expensive. The Olevia brand has changed all that. With the switch to DTV just around the corner, everyone is looking for the least expensive, but most valuable change for their money. Why work on getting a converter box for your old TV when a high definition, lighter, slimmer, better looking TV is available for a reasonable cost?


Now, 27-inch may be considered somewhat small in the world of brand new HDTVs, but even if you are in the market for a larger screen as your main source of high definition entertainment, you may be considering a smaller TV with that same quality picture for another room in the house. Or you may be like me, and find the picture quality on this TV to be so good that you just don't need a more expensive and bulkier set. This TV is one of the best values on the market, clocking in at just over $400.

About Syntax-Brillian

The Olevia series of HDTVs is the flagship product made by Syntax-Brillian Corporation. The company is an industry leader in the LCD HDTVs and other consumer electronics. Syntax-Brillian also owns Vivitar, a very noteworthy name in digital still picture and video cameras. Olevia's 2 series HDTVs are some of the most affordable TVs on the market today. Add to that the award-winning technology and excellent quality and you have a winner in the HDTV market.

"On November 30, 2005, privately held Syntax Groups Corporation and publicly held Brillian Corporation merged to form Syntax-Brillian Corporation. The company has a commanding presence in the future of high-definition TV: thin-film-transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) for 65-inch and smaller HDTVs for home theater and commercial HDTV applications. On November 21, 2006, Syntax-Brillian further broadened its product portfolio and distribution network with the acquisition of imaging technology pioneer, Vivitar Corporation.

Today, the company's lead products include its Olevia brand of widescreen HDTV-ready and HD built-in LCD TVs - one of the fastest growing global TV brands; and its Vivitar brand of digital still and video cameras. As a result of its award-winning products, broad sales channels, growing brand recognition and extensive patent portfolio, Syntax-Brillian is uniquely positioned to deliver quality digital entertainment and consumer electronics products to the world market. The U.S.-based company has strong Asian partnerships, well-established, global retail and distributor sales channels, and a worldwide supply chain that allows it to leverage economies of scale to deliver both outstanding quality and value.

Engineered to provide outstanding video and audio, the Olevia 2 Series displays exceptionally crisp, rich and vibrant images for any type of viewing. Each 2 Series model comes equipped with surround sound for superb home entertainment, yet can also be used for PC applications."



# ConsumerSam 2010-03-03 20:27
The Sony RM-VL 610 remote for $29.99 works perfect as a replacement remote control.
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# A CODEJonnie 2010-03-04 09:39
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# ownerdave 2010-07-06 11:50
does this come for code for jensen and olevia
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# RE: Olevia 227-S11 27-Inch 1080i Widescreen LCD HDTVAndrew 2011-02-16 05:52
When I was in the market for a new LCD TV I shopped around quite a bit. I sifted through reviews, poured through specs and agonized over every detail trying to get the most TV I could for my budget. As a DISH Network customer and employee I really wanted a flat-screen that could really give me that vivid picture quality that having the most HD channels in the industry deserves. When I came across the Olevia brand I was skeptical at first (being a name I hadn?t previously known about at all). But the reviews were overwhelmingly positive and the price was actually under my upper limit. So off to the store I went to see its screen with my own eyes?it did not disappoint. Once I got it home and hooked it up to my 622 receiver and started watching my DISH Network programming through it looked even better than it did in the store! Now 3 years later it has never failed to perform, I haven?t had a single problem with it. The Olevia HD TV was a great purchase for me.
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# standDave 2011-06-24 06:39
is there any body that has a stand for this tv as i did not get one as it was wall mount in our trailer is so please let me know thanks in advance. Olevia 227-S11 27-Inch 1080i Widescreen LCD HDTV Dave
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