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Written by Olin Coles   
Friday, 15 December 2006
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Antec EA500 EarthWatts 500W PSU
Features and Specifications
Fast Facts: 80 PLUS
Closer Look: External
Closer Look: Internal
Power Supply Testing
EarthWatts Conclusion

Fast Facts: 80 PLUS

What does 80 PLUS Certified mean?

  • 80 PLUS Certified is the new standard in power supply efficiency. It means at any load between 20%-100% the power supply is working at at least 80% efficiency. Standard non-certified 80 PLUS power supplies can vary from 65% up to 85% efficiency depending on load and temperatures, but typically run at top efficiency only at high loads.

Why is high efficiency good for you? Why should you buy an 80 PLUS Certified power supply?

  • High efficiency saves you money every month on your electrical bill, reduces heat in your computer's system and prolongs its life. With an 80 PLUS Certified power supply you know that no matter what it is working at a very high efficiency level. This requires less power from the power grid, meaning less resources are used to produce the power for your computer. Plus your power supply will be running cooler which allows the use of lower speed fans, making for a quieter computing experience.

Is there a connection between cooling and efficiency?

  • Yes. The more efficient a power supply is the less heat it produces. This means a highly efficient power supply runs cooler and can lead to a cooler running system.

What is Antec doing to make 80 PLUS Certified power supplies available to everyone?

  • Antec has been striving to deliver high efficiency power supplies to the world for the past couple of years. The time has come to utilize this independent certification so that all customers can be sure of what they're getting and that it isn’t just marketing hype.
Learn more about 80 PLUS (Click for new window)

Antec's first 80 PLUS certified power supply line is the EarthWatts line of power supplies. But since we care, this is only the first of Antec's 80 PLUS certified lines of power supplies. Watch for more to come.


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