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Written by Olin Coles   
Monday, 12 January 2009
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AMD Fusion Media Explorer Freeware Tool
First Look: Fusion Media Explorer
Final Thoughts: AMD Fusion

Final Thoughts: AMD Fusion

AMD Fusion Media Explorer is not going to change the world, I can admit, but it will change the way we interface with media. Active-motion video introductions displayed across any number of cells can be great, but what about real-world every day activities? AMD Has encouraged development for making social networking websites a mere click away from the Fusion Explorer interface. In one demonstration, there was a collection of popular Quick-Launch buttons along the top-left corner of the screen. If you've got a photo that you would like to upload into Flickr, a video clip for YouTube, or even a song for MySpace, then a single click completes your task. Shortcut buttons aren't all that amazing though, and so AMD went one step further.


At the same time as you can upload media to your favorite website, you can also expect the Fusion Media Explorer to search the web for related content. If you're uploaded a picture named "bachelorette party" for example, you might get a collection of related websites for gift registries or bridal shower party supplies. If you've just uploaded a music file, you might get search results on the artist and updated tour dates. Of course, the Fusion Media Explorer can also search the web for whatever it is you're looking for, too.

Considering the cross-connected social possibilities, the Fusion Media Explorer seems to be an extremely good media and web content virtual organizer. I imagine AMD might tweak and twist certain features before it arrives in final form, but the Alpha release appeared to offer much more than commercially available software presently sold on the market.

Someone out there might be asking if there's a catch. Does this software require a subscription, or have hidden fees? Not from what I was told by AMD at the 2009 CES. Although AMD is not yet offering the Fusion Media Player for download, you can submit your email address to their website and be notified when there's news. For the price of FREE, it seems that AMD is on the right track with the Fusion Media Explorer in 2009.

EDITORS NOTE 01/29/2009: The AMD Fusion Media Explorer has entered a public beta phase of development today. This free multimedia library organizer is an excellent tool for anyone who keeps several websites, images, and video or music files on their computer. The AMD Fusion Media Explorer Beta 1 Version 0.9 can be download directly from AMD courtesy of Benchmark Reviews.

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