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Written by Mathew Thompson - Edited by Olin Coles   
Tuesday, 30 December 2008
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Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 XSA-00001
Closer Look: Microsoft Desktop 6000
XSA-00001 Detailed Features
Mouse Test Results
Keyboard Test Results
Microsoft Wireless Final Thoughts
Microsoft XSA-00001 Conclusion

Mouse Test Results

When testing the Wireless Laser Desktop 6000, I used two different computers. The initial computer is my main computer which I use for most business and media tasks: writing reports, graphic design, coding, web surfing, etc. The second computer is my living room computer or HTPC computer. I used this to surf the internet for video to watch, such as Netflix or Youtube and to navigate the computer for movie watching. On both computers, I tested a first person shooter and an RTS game in order to simulate different extremes of mouse usage.


Starting with the mouse, I found the molded grip somewhat difficult to get used to. Reason being that its design is different. Most mice I've used in the past have usually spread the fingers over the entire area, but the Laser Mouse 6000's design places the index finger above the thumb. Keep in mind that I said that it was difficult to get used to, but it wasn't uncomfortable. The grooves on the right side of the mouse for the pinky and ring finger were a nice touch, though I would have preferred a softer edge between the middle and ring finger areas. Once grasped, the mouse does feel quite natural.

The mouse's laser is very accurate. The higher sensitivity of the laser sensor makes the mouse far less prone to error compared to more traditional optical mice, which can become easily confused with fast movement (typically making the cursor bounce from one side of the screen to the other). The laser sensor also has very fine movement and precision, which helps immensely in a first person shooter game. Though, the mouse is also quite sensitive to movement, necessitating some tweaking in order to get the movement just right. Also, I recommend a low friction mouse pad to go with the mouse as the feet can be very gripping.


The thumb buttons are placed on the ridge between the thumb area and the finger area. This places them out of the way of normal use, but can make it a little difficult to use for any sort of game use. The wheel is smooth (non-detente) and provides tilt scrolling left and right. The wheel has very little resistance, which makes scrolling a webpage or document very easy, but can make weapon selection difficult in a game.



# PastorCharles Rodgers 2010-04-28 17:55
I really like this keyboard & mouse Kit. I agree with all the Pro's and have reservations about the Con comments. All around this is the best I have ever used.
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# matthew lauer 2011-02-06 12:16
I do NOT like the MS keyboard/mouse XSA-00001. Is there a better one for me to purchase?
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# RE: Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 XSA-00001Dennis 2012-03-08 08:25
I have had this combo for quite some time and am very pleased with it's operation. However,I have a problem, my #atoo chewed up the mouse and I need to buy a replacement. Can I use just a 6000 v2.0 and will it work with the combo's uSB receiver?
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