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Written by Olin Coles   
Friday, 09 January 2009
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NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision Gaming Kit
GeForce 3D Vision Features
942-10701-0003 Specifications
First Look: GeForce 3D Vision
3D Stereoscopic Gaming
3D Vision Performance Impact
Stereoscopic 3D Gaming Final Thoughts
GeForce 3D Vision Conclusion

3D Vision Performance Impact

EDITORS NOTE: This section was added on 01/12/2009, after the article was initially published.

At the time that I received the 3D Vision for GeForce kit from NVIDIA, Benchmark Reviews was packing up for the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. While I would personally consider the 3D Vision kit to be an experience enhancing product, and not a competitive tool, there have been a few questions in regard to the overall impact on frame-rate performance. So with CES behind us now, I have returned to deliver some benchmarks showing what kind of performance you can expect from the 3D Vision for GeForce gaming kit.

The system I used for testing was comprised of the following hardware and software:

Before I reveal my benchmark performance results, I feel that it's prudent to note that my game-play experience was not altered by the frame rate performance at any point during testing. While I have been a competitive gamer at points in the past (namely with Battlefield 2), my original objective for this product wasn't to see if it would improve or decrease performance. The entire idea behind 3D Vision is the revitalize video games with a new immersive experience. Overall, that was exactly what I rated with the video games I tested. This section, however, is all about numbers.

NVIDIA offers 3D Vision enhancements from 1-100%, or disabled from the control panel. Using Far Cry 2 as my test platform, I utilized the included benchmark tool to measure frame rate performance. 3D Vision for GeForce does not use standard-edition ForceWare drivers, as it requires special 3D profiles (similar to SLI profiles) from a different ForceWare package. Beginning with no 3D Vision, I set a baseline for performance. Next I follow-up with 16% enhancement (which is the default for 3D Vision), and completed the testing with 100% enhancement. The chart below illustrates the impact on frame rate performance.


While I didn't particularly notice any degradation of performance while playing the game for several hours, the benchmark has caught what I didn't. Far Cry 2 is probably the most demanding video game on the market today, requiring slightly more graphical power than the original Crysis. With the frame rate at 1680x1050 reduced to 19 FPS using the short benchmark tests (which give the lowest score), it appears that there will be a point at which the action will be reduced by using 3D Vision for GeForce. I'm not entirely certain this will matter much to the average consumer, who I presume will likely look at the 3D Vision kit as a tool for improving gaming experience. It's like the force-feedback and motion seats for racing games, or the vibration in game control pads; 3D Vision for GeForce is not necessarily going to improve performance but it will improve the experience.



# Professor of NeurobiologyGerald Westheimer 2011-05-09 16:27
Could you get back to me with suggestions for procedures to program this device (which I have and find great) in clinical application for testing and research in human stereoscopic vision. Thanks.
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# RE: Professor of NeurobiologyOlin Coles 2011-05-09 16:41
You should contact the manufacturer, NVIDIA Corporation, for that information.
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# RE: NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision Gaming KitDavid Ramsey 2011-05-09 16:43
We're a review site, not a programming site. Your best bet would be to contact NVIDIA directly; they have the developer's kits and programs you'd need (although I doubt they have anything specifically for the clinical applications you're looking for). You'll need some expertise in the C and C++ programming languages to use NVIDIA's development tools, though.

Start here:
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# Nvidia 3D ripoffpaul 2013-02-05 10:37
First off i have to admit i send this having only read your first page, i was googlein the old Nvidia 3D test logo, AS IT NO LONGER IS IN WITH THE NEW DRIVER PACKS, I also was sold having seen the test demo, thought the logo was unreal the way it came out the screen and then i think turned and went back in, I'm working to low class(but happy) and i spent good money on a new screen the 3d software and 2 pairs of glasses,(and a 3d ready GFX card) and in 2 years never got anything i thought that was 20% as good as the OLD test logo, Int it funny how they dropped the test on the following driver pack update!!!!!!!!, Yes i feel i was ripped off by Nvidia, The test shows the software works but no games come close and most hurt your eyes, due to the fact NO games are fully made for this software and are just adapted to suit and released well before there tested for comfortable viewing, the test also show that Nvidia 3D even with such depth viewing can be kept at a comfortable level for viewing if made properly, I never use the 3d anymore (never really used it) as having spent a s Nvidia need to invest in new software that is MADE for this gear, and stop ripping us of with hand picked adapted games which don't fully work, Thx Paul Sorry for the moan.
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