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Written by Olin Coles   
Friday, 12 December 2008
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Cooler Master Cosmos Black Label Computer Case
Features and Specifications
First Look: Cosmos Black
RC-1000S Closer Look
Cosmos Black Label Interior
Black Label Limited Edition
RC-1000S-KKN2-GP Conclusion

RC-1000S Closer Look

The Cooler Master Cosmos Black Label should be fairly popular among enthusiasts, especially considering the long run of popularity the RC-1000 and Cosmos-S have had. Antec has long since been an advocate of all things black, which has done them well as the most popular case manufacturer of 2007. Finishing out 2008 is a different story, as the Black Label Limited Edition kit reveals how products don't need to be fresh inventions but merely perfected re-inventions.


Beginning our detailed examination of the Cooler Master Cosmos Black Label E-ATX case we start at the top, which has reminded me of the original Nissan 280-Z every time I see it. Sturdy rails are mounted to the top of the Cosmos, which in all likelihood will never see real use (they aren't luggage racks), but the Cosmos is quite heavy at 37+ pounds so if you're constantly moving the system around these rails will become you friend.

The in-laid rubber mat has always thrown me as to it's purpose. I'm not the kind of person to set something on this 'tray', as I like to keep a tidy computer free of loose change and car keys. As a point of criticism, I really admired the metal grill used on the Cosmos Sport which allowed two fans to breathe freely. New and improved on the Cosmos Black is the upgrade to two large 140mm cooling fans for high-volume low-noise exhaust.


Another improvement over the original Cosmos 1000 is the windowed side panel, which offers the enthusiast an opportunity to show of his expensive hardware collection. The Cosmos Sport has a large 240mm side fan that often proved a hassle more than anything else, so I'm rather pleased the Cooler Master avoided that pitfall on their Black Label re-make.


Atop the front bezel I/O panel are four USB 2.0 ports, followed by headphone/microphone mini-plugs, a single IEEE-1324 Firewire B port, and completed with the new eSATA port interface. This is probably among the best case I/O panels you will find on any case, but Cooler Master decided against the expensive touch-sensitive power button featured on the Cosmos S.

Cooler Master's topside I/O panel is both AC'97 and HD Audio ready, and running the eSATA connection will require a free SATA port on the motherboard. These cables run the length of the Cosmos (from top to bottom), and can be concealed using the cable port beneath the motherboard.

Cooler Master Cosmos Midtower ATX Case RC-1000

Liquid cooling has kept a moderate user-base over the years, and although I personally feel that there are fewer WC enthusiasts than there used to be, I see more and more manufacturers accommodating them. Cooler Master has kept liquid-cooling enthusiasts in mind, and rightfully so since they still offer the Aquagate product line of silent cooling solutions. The two soft-rubber grommets allow liquid-cooling hoses to enter the case from the top, thanks to the relocated power supply housing. On the off chance someone converts from air to water, the Cosmos is equipped to meet their needs and allow for exterior radiator mounting.


On a side note, the Cosmos Black Label can house a large radiator in place of the twin 140mm fans near the top of the case. You'll see exactly what I'm referring to as we move in our closer look of the RC-1000S interior...


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