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Written by Olin Coles   
Friday, 12 December 2008
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Cooler Master Cosmos Black Label Computer Case
Features and Specifications
First Look: Cosmos Black
RC-1000S Closer Look
Cosmos Black Label Interior
Black Label Limited Edition
RC-1000S-KKN2-GP Conclusion

First Look: Cosmos Black

As a foreword, if you're not a fan of black-colored computer cases, you're about to be disappointed. For everyone else, Benchmark Reviews offers the worlds first look at the Cosmos Black. This isn't your average computer enclosure. Nothing about what you will read or see in the next few pages will give you the complete experience of seeing this case in person. I regret this, but it is the truth. I have reviewed a lot of computer cases recently, and the Cosmos Black is by far the most feature-filled product I have seen in a very long time.

The Cooler Master Cosmos RC-1000S-KKN2-GP kit comes with three separate components: the Cosmos Black Label full-tower computer case, Hyper Z600 Black Label CPU cooler, and UCP 700W power supply (not Black label - model RS-700-AAAA-A3). In this article, I will concentrate our attention on the Cosmos Black computer case, which is a almost an exact replica of the original Cosmos RC-1000 with a few improvements made.


Cooler Master has done something a little different with the front panel plates for the Cosmos. Each plate is a ventilated grill, which works to improve and balance intake pressure. These drive bay plates are easily removed from the RC-1000S by depressing the side and pulling away from the case.

Also visible in the image below is the door hinge mechanism. Cooler Master made the front bezel door to be right or left-hand accessible. The Cosmos Black Label sports white plastic hinge components, with a spring-loaded pin to allow moving to either side of the full-tower extended-ATX case. These extra drive bay plates would be easily stored in the handy "Exclusive Carrying Box" if it were only slightly longer. Keep them in a safe place, because they are meant to be reusable. In the meantime, that carry box is a good place for zip-ties and spare thumb screws.


The Cosmos Black Label is very similar to the Zalman Z-Machine GT1000, NZXT Lexa Blackline, and Antec P182, in that all of these were improvements of a pre-existing model that stood to benefit from some tweaking (actually the P182 was essentially the same exact case as the Antec P180B before it). You could safely claim that the exterior of the Cosmos Black Label looks like a black-colored replica of the original RC-1000, because it nearly is, but there's plenty on the inside to set the two apart.


The original Cosmos 1000 had brushed aluminum doors on both sides of the chassis, and for the Black Label edition this is only true of the motherboard-side panel. Both doors still release and open with the left of a lever, but the service side panel contains a window to show of the tough new interior.

Cooler Master may not have taken the idea of noise canceling material and applied it to every panel, as we were delighted to see in the NZXT HUSH, but the Cosmos does still use sound-deadening material to the double-wall steel side nearest to the motherboard.


The backside of the Cosmos Black Label is very much a chip off the old block. Aside from a new color, the backside of the Cosmos is identical in every aspect except the expansion card blanks. The rear fan (included) is a 120mm exhaust unit which operates at a mere 17 dBA.

As evidenced by our recent review of the ATCS 840, Cooler Master has evolved from the plain steel blanks and has started to use vented expansion card blanks. The added ventilation helps equalize internal case pressure and allow items like the video card to properly expel heated air if they were designed to.


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