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Written by Olin Coles   
Monday, 05 January 2009
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Mtron MOBI 3500 SLC SSD MSD-SATA3535-064
MOBI 3500 Features
MSD-SATA3535 Specifications
First Look: MOBI 3500
SSD Testing Methodology
System Speed Test Benchmarks
ATTO Disk Benchmarks
EVEREST Disk Benchmark
Windows XP Startup Times
The Truth Behind Heat Output
Solid State Drive Final Thoughts
MSD-SATA3535-064 Conclusion

Mtron MOBI 3500 SSD

Benchmark Reviews recently published an article that detailed Solid State Drive (SSD) Benchmark Performance Testing. The research and discussion that went into this article changed the way we now test SSD products. Our previous perceptions of the technology were lost on one critically important difference: the wear leveling algorithm that makes data a moving target. Without conclusive linear bandwidth testing or some other method of total-capacity testing, our previous performance results were rough estimates at best. This review begins a new testing methodology, and also introduces real-world performance into the results.

Since first making a commercial public debut at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show, Solid State Drives (SSD's) have been a topic of hot discussion among performance enthusiasts. With virtually no access time delay, these nonvolatile flash memory-based drives were quick to promise a more reliable storage device with greater performance while operating at a fraction of the power level. Moving further into 2008 they have become a reality for many performance-minded power users. I suppose it's been a slow ramp-up for consumers to accept Solid State Drive technology, similar to the struggle DDR3 SDRAM has seen.

Back in November 2007, after experiencing the SuperComputing Conference SC07, finding Solid State Drives on sale anywhere was a real challenge. One year later, and online stores are offering dozens of SSD models at reasonable prices. Solid State Drives are rapidly changing the computing landscape, and many enthusiasts are using SSD technology in their primary systems to help boost performance. Benchmark Reviews has tested nearly all of the products available to the retail market in this sector, and several do well while others fall flat. It used to be that performance was the largest hurdle for mass storage NAND Solid State Drives, followed by stability, and later price. In this article, we benchmark test the linear bandwidth performance of the Mtron MOBI 3500 3.5-Inch SSD MSD-SATA3535-064 and compares it against the top competition.


For the entire 2007 year and part of 2008, Benchmark Reviews had anxiously awaited the fabled Solid State Drive that could replace our current list of preferred Hard Disk Drives. Making this wait seem even longer was the fact that HDD manufacturers were constantly improving there product and adding new enhancements to the technology. First there was perpendicular storage technology, then came fluid bearings, and finally there was the increase in cache buffer DRAM to speed-up the burst data transfer. Performance has been the hurdle that SSD's have had a tough time clearing, with read and write bandwidth creating the largest obstacles. Response time and reduced power consumption has long become the key arguments for owning an SSD, but without the bandwidth throughput to measure up against HDD's they became an expensive niche item.

That time has come to pass, and our collection of SSD reviews is proof. Back in March (2008) we tested the lightning-fast MemoRight GT SSD which finally put the Western Digital Raptor in its place... to the tune of almost $2000. But since that time Benchmark Reviews has tested several SSDs which outperform HDDs. The struggle to finally replace the Hard Disk as the primary drive is getting much closer to victory.

According to a Q1 2008 report by the semiconductor market research firm iSuppli, the SSD market will grow at an annualized average of 124 percent during the four-year period from 2008 until 2012. iSuppli now projects SSD sales to increase by an additional 35 percent in 2009 over what it projected last year, 51 percent more in 2010, and 89 percent more in 2011, and continue to show dramatic increases in subsequent years.

EDITORS NOTE: The Windows 7 Operating System has demonstrated problems locating a native driver for the Mtron MOBI 3500 SSD on the Intel ICH9/10 Southbridge. Please take this into consideration when building a system using this product.

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About the manufacturer: Mtron Co.,Ltd.Mtron_Logo_300px.png

Established in 2005, Mtron is the pioneer in Flash memory solution world by using their technology on storage, server systems, and security systems. Mtron merged with Digital First in 2008 and changed their official name to Mtron storage Technology. As worldwide leader in Flash memory SSD, Mtron focuses on R&D and market research in order to develop new SSD products for consumers and improve SSD industry around the world.


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