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Hiper HPU-4M730-SS Type M 730W PSU E-mail
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Written by Olin Coles   
Tuesday, 26 June 2007
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Hiper HPU-4M730-SS Type M 730W PSU
Features and Specifications
Closer Look: HPU-4M730-SS
Closer Look: Cables
Closer Look: Adapters and Connectors
Testing Voltage Ripple and Regulation
Final Thoughts and Conclusion


Benchmark Reviews has seen some major changes within the power supply industry over the past year. Even in such a limited purpose industry, somehow fads manage to come into existence. At one point, the number of rails a PSU offered was key to media hype. At another point, you could see everyone pushing for the highest watts in their new product. I can't forget how modular power supplies, with the assortment of cables and interfaces, also shared some time in the limelight. The latest trend seemed to be 80-Plus efficiency, but since most PSU's are at least this efficient the label has lost meaning. And then without any warning, it was as if every company manufacturing power supply units suddenly decided that they could win the battle for industry dominance by combining all of the above features, and add a nice paint job or mirror finish for good measure.

It has been said before in our reviews: the power supply unit is the single most important part of any computer. Regardless of the system or purpose there is a given rule: whether it is a simple workstation with integrated components or an advanced gaming system with newest technology available, everything requires power to operate. As anyone who has suffered the failure of a low-end power supply will tell you: not all power supply units (PSU's) are created equal, and looks don't mean a thing.

Hiper HPU-4M730-SS

The new generation of power supplies has begun to amp up the competition for placement in your computer case. Antec’s EarthWatts series was among the first to cause a stir in the PSU industry by emphasizing efficient power delivery over the multi-rail hype. But now 80% or better efficiency is very common. A perfect example of combining high-power wattage, efficiency, and good looks can be found in the Hiper HPU-4M730-SS Type M 730W PSU. The four +12V rails offer regulated power distribution, but they also deliver at least 80% of the power that they promise, which will result in a more efficient system. Hiper's Type M PSU claims to support dual and quad processors, dual (SLi and CrossFire) graphics card sets, and just about anything else you can throw at it, but Benchmark Reviews will load test the DC voltage regulation and AC ripple just to be sure.

About the company: High Performance GroupHiper Logo

High Performance Group was founded with the passion of providing the computer users & customers the best innovative products & services. The company's untraditional approach from its patented design to its business conducts gains itself partnership with many respectable firms including AMD. Always committed to excellence, High Performance Group strives to be the best in every aspect.

Hiper Business Philosophy (V.I.P.)

People are the core of any business. Our name "High Performance Group" not only implies to its product, but also to its people. Our company is filled with vigorous officers & staff; "whatever it takes" is our spirit, our belief, as well as our habit.

Hiper (trademarked) represents our corporate identity in the ultimate form. This symbol represents true innovation. Hiper product line is always imitated, but can never be duplicated. Our entire ID, mechanical, electrical, electronics, visual effect & web designer teams are truly elites in the industry because their passion of embracing technology & changes is noticeable with the first contact. It captures even the most ordinary person's attention with details everyone appreciates.

High Performance Group means proactive way of business. Our solid & honest policy in business put everyone at peace, and then we police and enforce it. We make sure that our business partners (you are included) are well protected. Many who joined us has become us, and we are sure that you'll become one of us once you join us.


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