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Written by Miles Cheatham   
Thursday, 20 November 2008
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Intel Core i7-920 Processor BX80601920
Features and Specifications
Core i7-920 Features con't
Testing Methodology
Intel Core i7-920 Overclocking
PCMark Vantage System Tests
3DMark Vantage and 3DMark06 Tests
SANDRA 2009 System Tests
EVEREST Ultimate System Tests
CINEBENCH and SuperPi Tests
Crysis and WIC Tests
Core i7Power Consumption
Intel Core i7-920 Final Thoughts
Intel Core i7-920 Conclusion

Intel Core i7-920 Conclusion

Well the day has finally arrived where the Intel Core series of processors aren't just hype, rumor, and innuendo anymore. Much of the marketing hype that was circulating before these processors were sent out for review has proven to be true and their new processor line is truly the fastest on the planet. We'll have to admit we were taken back by these processors raw power in CPU intensive applications as they cut through processes in record time that would have been much more challenging to their predecessors. Yes we're extremely impressed! The Intel Core i7-920 though the runt of the family is very capable and even though its the third fastest Core i7 Processor the 920 still smokes all its competition on almost every benchmark.

Presentation although being one of the most subjective categories we judge, is no less equally important in a product's consumer appeal. I must however admit that judging presentation on a processor is a very difficult task as in most cases it is heard in the form of results rather than seen. For that reason alone there must be some spillover in this category from the performance category. We feel the presentation of the Core i7-920 is virtually awe inspiring to anyone that truly needs the capabilities this processor has to offer. This category of consumer would consist of those that perform very processor dependant tasks on a daily basis; those that utilize some heavily graphical intensive programs such as Photoshop, Auto CAD, or video editing software; and finally the extreme computer enthusiast who wants the best there is regardless of the price.

With regard to appearance, again rating a processors appearance offers a bit of the conundrum as it does with presentation. The Core i7-920's presentation can be equated somewhat with an extremely fast and agile automobile that is responsive to your slightest command. Unfortunately processors again are judged by their end result and not by the way they look. The end result of the Core i7-920 is extremely ostentatious so we have to rate this category quite high.

The construction of the Intel Core i7-920 is like all of its predecessors, rock solid. The benefit of the Core i7-965 over the previous Core 2 line of processors is that there are virtually no protruding pins to bend if something goes wrong with installation. The protruding pins that are present are in the center of the chip and much less likely to be damaged if your placement of the processor in its 1366-pin socket isn't perfect.

In the case of the Core i7-920 we chose to borrow and rearrange Intel's own statement: The Core i7-920 is the third fastest performing production processor currently on the planet. We feel that just about sums it up!

We feel that given the superior standard performance coupled with excellent overclocking results we experienced with the Intel Core i7-920 it is an excellent value at Intel's MSRP of $284.00. As with any product that is both highly anticipated and new to the market the initial pricing by the first distributors to receive their shipments tends to be a little higher than the MSRP the first few weeks strictly due to supply and demand. NewEgg currently sells the Core i7-920 for $299.99, while our price comparison tool indicates that several other retailers are also selling the BX80601920 SKU. I have been watching the pricing steadily drop for the last three days and feel that it should be more in line with Intel's MSRP in short order. This processor although not as speedy as the Core i7-965 or 940 still brings quite a bit to the table. To the average consumer the price of the Core i7-920 will be quite satisfactory given the performance gains they can expect in return.

Pros:Benchmark Reviews Golden Tachometer Award

+ The third fastest processor currently on the planet
+ The price is definitely right
+ Tri-channel DDR3 offers an average of 33% more memory bandwidth
+ Utilization of SMT (Hyper-Threading) greatly enhances performance
+ Increased parallelism effectively allows 8 threads to be run
+ Finally a turbo mode that does something meaningful


- A new X58 based motherboard will be required
- New power efficient memory will likely be required


  • Presentation: 9.0
  • Appearance: 9.0
  • Construction: 9.75
  • Functionality: 9.0
  • Value: 9.5

Final Score: 9.25 out of 10.

Benchmark Reviews Gold Tachometer Award for Quality Recognition

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# Mr.Jim Thwaites 2010-11-26 11:14
I checked on prices the i7-920 is almost the same price as the i7-950. Why? It is hard to find the 920. I assume that the 950 is better then the 920.
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# No More SupplyBruceBruce 2010-11-26 11:53
The free market sometimes behave s with random stupidity, and this situation is quite common, especially for CPUs. They are no longer producing the "920", so there is limited supply, but the "950" is a direct replacement, so what does it matter?
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# :D\nerd 2011-07-20 05:23
whata hell is that ? ? mhz ? :D
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