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Written by Olin Coles   
Friday, 14 November 2008
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Honeywell Altura MLX 42-inch 1080p 10-bit HDTV
Honeywell HDTV Features
MT-HWJCT42B2AB Specifications
Closer Look: Honeywell 42" HDTV
Detailed Exterior Features
Altura MLX Series Functionality
HDTV Power Consumption
Altura Thermal Management
Honeywell HDTV Final Thoughts
MT-HWJCT42B2AB Conclusion

Altura Thermal Management

Most people are not completely aware of how LCD technology works. Believe it or not, LCD's use a bulb to back-light the color-charged liquid crystals. Because of this, cooler isn't particularly better, because in most cases the bulb requires a certain operating temperature to create the brightness necessary for desirable picture quality. But the important factor here is how efficient the bulb is, and what kind of heat byproduct it produces.

The Honeywell MT-HWJCT42B2AB was allowed to operate for fifteen minutes prior to recording temperatures with an Extech 450 IR non-contact thermometer. The room temperature was a cool and constant 22.0°C (71°F) for the duration of the testing period. The collected temperature results are illustrated in the image below:

Honeywell Altura MLX 42-inch 1080p 10-bit HDTV MT-HWJCT42B2AB LCD Panel Temperatures

Most of the heat produced from the Altura MLX came from the top-most bulb vents, which indicate that this unit could be safely placed flat against a wall but adequate ventilation is required overhead. Additionally, the right-hand side of the top panel bulb vent (as viewed from the back) exhausted the most heat, so make sure that surrounding furniture and decorations (such as candles) are not heat-sensitive. The LCD panel indicated a rather low temperature, with only 12°C over ambient.

So what does all of this information mean? How does it effect your decision to purchase the Honeywell Altura? The answers aren't that far away, because I give my full conclusion in the next section.



# RE: Honeywell Altura MLX 42-inch 1080p 10-bit HDTVmanny i 2011-03-28 10:40
the manual that is prvided with the tv is not is not detailed on how to hook a sound bar or external speakers. the manual does not show how to install plug-ins. whoever put that manual togethe should be fired or sent back to manual writing school. in other words there is not enough information in it.
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# RE: RE: Honeywell Altura MLX 42-inch 1080p 10-bit HDTVJohn Maddox 2011-07-25 13:30
Have you received any news on how to hook-up
remote speakers?
Honeywell 42" is a very good HDTV
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