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Written by Mat Thompson - Edited by Olin Coles   
Monday, 20 October 2008
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Microsoft Sidewinder X5 Gaming Mouse ARB-00001
Closer Look: Sidewinder X5
Performance: Microsoft Sidewinder X5
Sidewinder Final Thoughts
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Microsoft Sidewinder X5

Figuring out what makes a good gaming mouse is always difficult. The mouse is definitely one of the most varied input devices around for computers. You find all sorts of different types of mice on the market for both gaming and regular usage. Some are large and fat meant for big hands, whereas others are light and thin meant for easy movement. Some have a whole assortment of buttons bordering on a one handed keyboard and others are Spartan meant for high quality basics. Gaming mice will almost always be laser mice anymore given high precision with good surface area detection. Some even go as far as having a full set of weights to insert in order to customize your mouse as far as possible.


However, the lingering question remains on what makes a mouse good. The biggest tenets appear to be reliability and comfort. While the former is fairly objective, the latter is highly subjective. What's comfortable to Frank may be uncomfortable to Sally. Enter the Microsoft Sidewinder X5 gaming mouse (ARB-00001). This mouse goes for comfort by designing the mouse with the contours of a human hand in mind. It includes 2 customizable thumb buttons and a Vista shortcut button. It also features a laser tracking sensor that is capable of precision up to 2000 dpi with 3 custom dpi settings that you can change within the Intellitype software. Benchmark Reviews will give you the low down on this mouse.


  • Sensitivity: 400 - 2000 dpi
  • Technology: Laser tracking
  • Operating system compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista
  • Dimentions: 3.06" x 5.07" (77.7 x 128 mm)

About the company: Microsoft

Microsoft Hardware was formed in 1982 to develop a device that would help people use the company's new word processing program. The device was a mouse and the application was called Word, laying the foundation for a future of delivering hardware that helps people better and more easily use software.Microsoft_Logo_Black_400px.png

In the quarter century since, Microsoft Hardware has continually raised the bar, designing revolutionary peripherals that deliver groundbreaking performance, comfort and design.

From the original "green-eyed mouse" to groundbreaking products like the LifeCam NX-6000 and Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000, Microsoft Hardware has delivered exceptional mice, keyboards, communication products, and gaming gear that has changed the way the world works, plays, and connects.


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