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Written by Olin Coles   
Friday, 19 January 2007
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HT Omega Claro 7.1 24-bit 192KHz HD Sound Card
Claro Features and Contents
Closer Look: Claro
HT Omega Software
Sound Card Testing
Conclusion and Rating

Introduction: HT Omega Claro

Manufacturers seem to be throwing around the term High Definition and 7.1 channel audio in all directions these days. It's everywhere; even the low-end segment seems to be offering onboard (integrated) 7.1 channel sound with their products. But it doesn't take long to notice that not all audio solutions sound alike; even if it has been labeled "High Definition". The sad truth is that consumers are unaware of the loose requirements necessary of such industry tags, and in the end some poor quality audio gets passed off as a premium solution.

This is because most computers being used today provide audio through low-quality integrated sound, or in some small numbers the computer may have a dedicated audio controller based sound card. At a glance, the two most prevalent forms of audio quality in personal computers are poor and acceptable. Although the industry tries to keep in step with Moore’s Law, there is one thing that is predominantly true: computer sound is the last item on the list for performance evolution. Gamers and audiophiles alike know better then to make this mistake, and have sound quality at the forefront of there needs.

HT Omega, Inc. is among the first companies to offer authentic high-fidelity sound at a true 24-bit level of performance. The world class Oxygen 8788 based audio processor by C-Media supports most all industry standards for 3D computer sound; including EAX 1.0 & 2.0, A3D 1.0 and DirectSound. Other very large companies abused consumer trust and have made claims to having this level of sound, only to wind up in court disputes or offer subsequent products that boast 24-bit processing but haplessly renders at 16-bit. HT Omega has released the real deal: CLARO 24-bit/192KHz 8-channel high definition sound.


In this review, I will showcase the powerful features included in the HT Omega CLARO. Rated to beyond 110dB, I will share the experience of clarity and definition in every melody that frolics on my eardrums. Intended for the audiophile with a discerning ear, the hardcore computer enthusiast and gamer who demands the best, and the home theater buff who settles for nothing less then DTS, the HT Omega CLARO delivers at every level.

About the company: HT Omega, Inc.Logo

HT Omega is a US based company operating out of Ontario, California which manufactures multimedia hardware and peripherals. With a dedicated R&D division for PC and professional audio components, HT Omega is quickly expanding into the global market for consumer PC audio equipment based on Dolby Digital and DTS technologies. Game users and home entertainment enthusiasts around the world use HT Omega for the ultimate results.

HT Omega specializes in multimedia devices, especially electronic audio. Our engineers designed some of the most successful soundcards sold globally over past five years. The drive and passion of HT Omega's highly qualified employees is to continue to develop innovative and ground-breaking new products.

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