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Written by Tim White - Edited by Olin Coles   
Wednesday, 01 October 2008
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Antec Twelve Hundred Gaming Case
Closer Look: Exterior
Exterior Continued
Detailed Exterior Features
Closer Look: Interior
Detailed Interior Features
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Closer Look: Exterior

The 1200 arrived to me with a smart remark from the delivery man; "Your refrigerator has arrived!" Once I saw the package I knew why he said that. This box was massive. The retail box was packaged in an even bigger shipping box! The UPS label said it weighed 42+ pounds! I was a bit surprised by the size of this box. I expected it would be bigger than a typical mid-sized case but wow.


Once I got over my initial shock I opened the shipping case and found a very well done retail package. The box has high quality full color print and pictures. Also clearly stated on the box (in several languages) are the enclosure features listed above. Ok I marveled at the retail packaging long enough and had to open it. Upon opening I first noticed the huge 200mm fan behind a steel honeycomb mesh! I couldn't help but imagine I was somehow shipped some part from a stealth bomber by mistake. Wanting to take my time and try to notice the details I couldn't help but notice the case was packed in closed cell polyethylene foam. This to me seemed like a step above and beyond the normal Styrofoam packaging found in most other cases.


This choice of packaging materials to me says a lot. I'm sure they could have gone the typical Styrofoam route without raising a single eyebrow, but they went the high road anyway, nice work. Removing the case from the box reveals plastic and steel construction. The top and front are molded plastic with the rest of the case a heavy gauge steel. The finish is all done matte black with the plastic parts being very smooth and the exterior steel parts having a more textured feel. On the left side is a steel door with a two piece acrylic window. There is also a mount for a 120mm fan behind more of the steel honeycomb mesh. This thing is huge!


The acrylic window comes protected by a plastic sheet. This sheet is more of a static cling on type rather than an adhesive so it leaves absolutely no residue when it is removed. This sheet does its job well as the acrylic window was flawless when I removed the protective plastic. Coming around the top you can see a good shot of the massive 200mm top exhaust fan. Again, this is protected by the steel honeycomb mesh that you find throughout the 1200's design. Moving towards the front you can see the top tray. This will hold your mp3 player, CD/DVDs, keys, USB flash drives, and basically anything else your typical gamer has laying around.


The top tray is a great design; it's actually sunk down into the top of the case. This will ensure that whatever you place on top of your case stays there. You can also see the top input panel. We'll get into that in the detail section. Moving along to the right side of the 1200 you'll find a solid steel door, no vents, no handles, nothing much of interest. Now I've said this before but I feel I have to say it again.


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