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Written by Daryl Greene - Editied by Olin Coles   
Tuesday, 23 September 2008
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WolfKing Trooper MVP Laser Gaming Mouse
Features and Specifications
Trooper MVP Detailed Features
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Trooper MVP Detailed Features

The trooper comes in a box that is not extremely exciting but does have a cutout to show off the mouse itself. It doesn't really have a "look at me" appearance at all. The only thing that would attract a potential buyer is that you can actually see the mouse.


The sides and back of the box carry plenty of information on the Trooper and can certainly get you interested in what it has to offer. It lists the advantages, describes the speed settings as well as the three fire modes.


The contents of the package includes the mouse, users guide, driver disk (not actually required) and an extra set of teflon pads. I like the additional pads because I have had them fall off of other mouse products (from different manufacturers) on occasion and needed a replacement that wasn't included.


The side buttons are a useful addition to this mouse and, with the addition of the drivers, can be set up to do any of a large number of tasks in the Windows environment. Tasks such as, forward and back, cut, copy, paste, delete, minimize, maximize and so on. Of course, in a game they can be set to whatever you wish. They are easily accessed and no problem to get used to. I found myself using them to page forward and back in my browser rather quickly. In games I have only used them for switching weapons, but after getting used to that, it works quite well.


The resolution settings are controlled by the top button marked with an S. There are three different resolutions 800dpi, 1600dpi and 2400dpi. Each indicated by a different colored LED light. Red for 800, blue for 1600 and green for 2400. This button is difficult to access unless you can learn to hit it with the back of your middle finger. It is too far to easily use any other way. I think it would be better suited if it had been set just above the wheel.


The fire modes is definitely a nice feature. The main use of this for me would be to help conserve ammunition during a game. There are three fire mode settings that are indicated by the mouse wheel color. The different modes are two shot mode indicated by the red glow of the mouse wheel, three shot mode which is a blue glow and four shot mode which is a purple glow of the wheel. So, each time you depress the left mouse button it will only fire the specified number of rounds rather than to just continuously fire. The fire mode button is marked by a F and is awkward to reach, but not as bad as the speed button's placement. It would also be better set just above the mouse wheel.


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