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Written by Olin Coles   
Wednesday, 09 May 2007
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Logitech QuickCam Ultra Vision SE Webcam
Closer Look: Ultra Vision SE
Closer Look: QuickCam Software
Conclusion and Rating

Final Thoughts: Ultra Vision SE

Overall, the QuickCam Ultra Vision performed extremely well. This is what you would expect out of Logitech's flagship webcam release. I approached this review with the anticipation of offering a video of myself showing the QuickCam Ultra Vision is action. But after all of the stored video was reviewed, I discovered that this webcam is not helping me to look any younger. The fact that I had just finished a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament in Las Vegas didn't help make me any more attractive for the camera, either.

So instead of torturing all of the readers with images ugly enough to give them nightmares, I choose to use footage of the QuickCam Ultra Vision in action on someone else instead: Video #1 and Video #2. I'm certain you will enjoy these video's far more than watching me.

Logitech is doing a great job of packaging consumer-friendly products, and the QuickCam is another fine example of this. The Logitech QuickCam Ultra Vision Special Edition certainly establishes what a webcam should be made of to satisfy today's market. This is fine... for today's market. But as I am probably more involved with the industry than most, I am aware that there is a market waiting for change just as soon as tomorrow comes. I would like to see Logitech deliver cross-platform technology into their webcams, since this will help their products evolve.

One particular example of this is IR technology. While the QuickCam Ultra Vision offers the software based RightLight 2 technology, nothing compares to the real thing. Practically all surveillance cameras in production today offer multiple IR LED lighting technology for very-low light and no-light situations. It would be an inexpensive improvement to add, since LED's are cheap and consume nearly no power at all. Additionally, it would correct the landscape lighting for an otherwise poorly lit environment whenever the user cannot provide the optimum lighting themselves and RightLight cannot correctly adjust gamma brightness.


Even if I wanted to dwell on the only problem I encountered, the QuickCam Ultra Vision Special Edition rates praise. I really wanted to see myself as a talking Unicorn or Marionette, so I am very let down. Despite this, I cannot help but to be impressed with how well everything else worked. Right out of the box the QuickCam software installed effortlessly, and the configuration was almost completely automatic. Since I am a stickler for high-quality video and images, the QuickCam Ultra Vision consistently offered me a reason to appreciate the five-element lens system. The best part of the package is how well the QuickCam Ultra Vision integrates into related applications such as skype, along with a handful of major messenger programs.

At the time of this writing, the Logitech QuickCam Ultra Vision Special Edition was available at for $99.99, which is at the highest end of the price spectrum. Although this is Logitech's crown jewel for webcams, they also manufacture more webcam products than anyone else on the planet, so NewEgg is sure to carry a Logitech webcam which best fits your needs. If you are looking for a compact high-performance solution, and cost is not the biggest concern, the QuickCam Ultra Vision series is perfect for you.


+ High Quality 1.3MP Images
+ Excellent recording performance
+ 640x480 Video resolution at 30 FPS
+ Convenient snapshot and video buttons
+ Unique balance-adjustable clip base
+ Easy to install and use without effort
+ Better than expected sound quality
+ 2-Year warranty


- Software enhanced images (4MP) lack sharp clarity
- Video Effects software feature is unstable
- No built in IR LEDs to correct no-light environements


  • Presentation: 8.75
  • Appearance: 9.5
  • Construction: 9.0
  • Functionality: 8.25
  • Value: 7.25

Final Score: 8.55 out of 10.

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# Webcam needed soonBILL DAVIS 2010-05-26 04:35
Hello ,, is there any good HD Webcam that will work Correctly with Yahoo Messenger , Skype and all other very Popular Chat programs ???

Loigitech 9000 Pro is CRAP !! ,, i have tried for 2 days to try to get it to work Correctly with Yahoo Messenger , Skype .

And their Support is Dumber than i am or at least it looks that way to me .

My Gateway laptop with a 1.3 Webcam works with Yahoo Messenger , Skype and more .

But it is not an HD webcam .

Is there any HD webcam that will wolrk with most or all chat programs ?

Facevision N1 seemed really good but you said it only works with Skype .

760-746-1913 after 10am California time
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# RE: Logitech QuickCam Ultra Vision SE Webcamgary wenzel 2013-08-13 13:20
This is the one that I have and I think it will work with windows
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