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Written by Mat Thompson - Edited by Olin Coles   
Thursday, 28 August 2008
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nMedia HTPCKB Media Center Wireless Keyboard
Closer Look: nMedia HTPCKB
HTPCKB Details
Keyboard Performance
Media Keyboard Final Thoughts
nMedia HTPCKB Conclusion

Closer Look: nMedia HTPCKB

The nMedia HTPCKB box contained the keyboard device, the remote device, the USB dongle, a small instruction manual and 3 pairs of AA batteries. The remote takes 2 AA batteries and the keyboard takes 4 AA batteries. The batteries included were standard industrial batteries (the type that is manufactured but not sold to consumers).


The keyboard itself is very ergonomically designed with curves in the right places. It's meant to be held like a game controller. The right side of the keyboard has an optical trackball that's easily accessible by the right thumb.


The left side of the keyboard has two buttons for the thumb that act as left and right mouse clicks.


The underside of the keyboard contains two trigger buttons for use with the index finger. The trigger on the right side is a button that acts as a left mouse button. The trigger on the left side is actually a scroll wheel, much like center scroll wheels on computer mice.


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