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Written by Mat Thompson - Edited by Olin Coles   
Thursday, 28 August 2008
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nMedia HTPCKB Media Center Wireless Keyboard
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nMedia HTPCKB Keyboard

Setting up an HTPC is the easy part. Making it easy to use on your TV is slightly more difficult. Controlling your HTPC is the hard part. The nMedia HTPCKB wireless keyboard and remote make controlling your HTPC that much easier. A 2.4ghz radio connection and 10m range allow you to control your computer anywhere in the livingroom without any of those pesky line of sight problems with other remotes, while keeping things simple using a driverless USB dongle to connect. Here at Benchmark reviews, we'll get the bottom line on the nMedia HTPCKB and all its wireless goodness.

Encoding, downloading or streaming movies to watch on your computer just keeps getting easier and easier. Staples of video watching through pay services, like iTunes or Netflix or free downloads like YouTube has lots of people glued to their computer screens. However, many people prefer the comfort of a plush couch or recliner to that of a desk chair. HDTVs have become increasingly prevalent in homes across America as the prices of LCD panels drop and content increases.

Enter the Home Theater PC. The HTPC is not particularly difficult to set up and considering video cards have been coming with composite or s-video ports since at least the Voodoo graphics card series. Utilities and graphics cards just make it easier by including HDMI and S/PDIF ports and connectors. However, the difficulty in an HTPC is making it accessible to someone across the living room. While a larger TV or larger icons make things easier to see, control, for the longest time, was limited to a mass of cables, wireless devices with woefully short ranges or excessive prices.


The nMedia HTPCKB set solves these problems. Included in the set is a wireless remote with optical trackball and a multitude of buttons for common functions and a keyboard meant to be held by both hands and ergonomically designed to rest on the lap comfortably. At $79.99, the combo provides a pretty good value as many other high powered RF wireless keyboards or remotes tend to be much more expensive. Here at Benchmark Reviews, we'll run you through the plusses and minuses.

About the company: nMedia Systems

Northern California, Castro Valley-based NMEDIA SYSTEM, INC. was founded in 2004. nMedia describes their vision as creating a future home entertainment PC system that is optimal for today's consumer electronic gear such as HDTVs and Home Theater Projectors.HTPCKB_nmediapc.jpg

nMedia manufactures Home Theater PC (HTPC) components to integrate various home Audio/Video functions and performance computing into one easy-to-use unit, and deliver consumers the rich home entertainment experiences for a new level of control and convenience.


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