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SilverStone SST-TS01B RFID External Drive Kit E-mail
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Written by Bruce Normann - Edited by Olin Coles   
Friday, 01 August 2008
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SilverStone SST-TS01B RFID External Drive Kit
Features and Specifications
Closer Look: SilverStone TS01B
SilverStone TS01B Details
SilverStone TS01B Installation
Testing and Results
HD Tach Results
How Does It Work?
SilverStone TS01B Final Thoughts
SilverStone TS01B Conclusion

SilverStone TS01B RFID

External HDD Enclosures are plentiful and cheap these days. It's tough for a manufacturer to differentiate its products in the marketplace, and the competition on price is never-ending. Silverstone Technology has introduced a new product that is completely unique in the market, with a security system that you won't see anywhere else. Instead of relying on passwords to allow access to the encrypted data on the HDD, the SilverStone SST-TS01B uses a small RFID "Key" to identify an authorized user. This is not new technology, it's in commercial use in other markets, but it's the first time I've seen it used to unlock an encrypted HDD.

Security is a tough application space, in that absolute security always gets compromised in order to achieve real-world functionality. Is a 4 digit PIN absolutely secure...heck no? How about your typical 8 character password? Better, but not really secure. OK, add in two upper case letters, two lower case, two numbers and one special character....feel more secure? Now change it every 30, 60, or 90 days and don't repeat any previous passwords. Don't write any of them down or store them in a file. Don't use any words that are found in a college dictionary, they're not allowed; and yes, the sign-on software checks you. Now the coup ‘de grace: repeat the above process for all 27 applications you need to access in a typical work week. Welcome to my world; neither my company nor the Federal Agency I support has instituted a secure single-sign-on application for the majority of the workforce. Now, do you see why I am so excited about this product? It's easy to build 128-bit encryption into this type of system because you don't have to remember the Password from Hell; the plastic RF Key remembers it for you.


Benchmark Reviews has looked at some HDD enclosures in the past and they have all done what they were intended to do, but in my mind, there was something missing. None of them really stood out, in terms of features or performance. None of them said, "BUY ME" in no uncertain terms. This one does. Let's see how it performs on the bench and in daily use.

About the company: SilverStone Technology


Founded in 2003, SilverStone is an established leader in its field, with an elite team of engineers; we started our quest of providing products that create inspirations. We have since expanded the lines of products as well as types of products we produce, giving our customers a wide selection of choices.

With distribution centers in different areas of the globe, SilverStone products can be seen all over the world, not just for computer users but also for home entertainment use. Providing leisure with integration of advanced technologies that is functional and making them enjoyable to use.

Here at SilverStone Technology, we continue to pride ourselves in providing the highest level of standards in designing and manufacturing computer enclosures, power supplies, and accessories. Our pursuit for the first class aesthetic appeal is relentless; our teams of devoted engineers are constantly searching for the best technologies that suit end-users with different needs and will make our products as technologically sound as they are beautiful.

If you have any doubts about SilverStone Technology's ability to stay on the leading edge of technology, take a look at just two of the 2008 Milestones listed on their website:

  • January - SilverStone NVIDIA ESA Certified Chassis, Temjin J10-ESA announced
  • July - SilverStone announced ZM1200 & ZU1200 to support GTX 280 in 3-way SLI


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