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Written by Mat Thompson - Edited by Olin Coles   
Friday, 18 July 2008
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Microsoft LifeCam VX-5000 WebCam
Features and Specifications
Closer Look: LifeCam VX-5000
LifeCam VX-5000 Installation and Software
Testing and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Microsoft LifeCam VX-5000

Digital video and digital photography have become inextricably entangled in the lives of people in the 21st century. Cameras are being inserted into everyday life wherever you turn. Since the point and shoot digital camera was introduced and disseminated into popular culture, we've seen a veritable explosion of camera usage in all facets of life. YouTube was the main catalyst that brought amateur video to the forefront of popular culture. Though, despite the sudden increased popularity of consumer photos and videos, only the cheapest digital cameras are finally selling for less than $100 and camcorders are still expensive.

Enter the webcam. Its low price point and easy interface make it a prime candidate for the amateur video maker. Webcams have been around and filled the sub-$100 digicam realm for many years already. However, earlier cameras were hampered by poor video quality, poor transfer rates (USB 1.1) and a lack of compatibility or support. Though, nowadays, all facets have improved.


The Microsoft LifeCam VX-5000 is the next step in the line of Microsoft webcams. With each new webcam product released, you'll be hard pressed to find new features, per se (though the VX-5000 certainly has a couple novel features). Rather, each new entry is more a refinement of previous cameras with better video quality, better audio quality, higher resolutions, better colors, etc. As such, the VX-5000 attempts to improve upon the formula by offering high resolution photos, VGA resolution video, a noise-canceling microphone among other features.

The LifeCam's performance should appeal to all but the most hardcore and its price of $49.95 MSRP won't break the bank either. Its design also offers an interesting new take on a camera base that makes it easy to place in most places and tilt at most angles. At Benchmark Reviews, we'll provide the scoop on this camera and how well it performs.

About the company: Microsoft

Microsoft Hardware was formed in 1982 to develop a device that would help people use the company's new word processing program. The device was a mouse and the application was called Word, laying the foundation for a future of delivering hardware that helps people better and more easily use software.


In the quarter century since, Microsoft Hardware has continually raised the bar, designing revolutionary peripherals that deliver groundbreaking performance, comfort and design.

From the original "green-eyed mouse" to groundbreaking products like the LifeCam NX-6000 and Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000, Microsoft Hardware has delivered exceptional mice, keyboards, communication products, and gaming gear that has changed the way the world works, plays, and connects.



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