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OCZ Core Series SATA-II SSD OCZSSD2-1C64G E-mail
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Written by Olin Coles   
Monday, 21 July 2008
Table of Contents: Page Index
OCZ Core Features and Specifications
OCZ SSD Support Addendum
OCZ Core SSD Closer Look
SSD Testing Methodology
System Speed Test Benchmarks
HD Tach RW Benchmarks
ATTO Disk Benchmarks
Core Series Final Thoughts
OCZ CORE SSD Conclusion

OCZ CORE SSD Conclusion

EDITORS NOTE: Please read Solid State Drive (SSD) Benchmark Performance Testing to understand how the benchmarks used in this article should be interpreted.

EDITORS NOTE 07/25/08: There have been an above-average number of reports indicating data corruption on the OCZ Core SSD. The problem is primarily attributed to the ACHI feature being enabled in the BIOS, even though the manual suggests that this feature is disabled to preserve stability. Benchmark Reviews received our sample unit directly from OCZ and was asked to return it after only a few days, and because of this arrangement were unable to complete long-term stability testing for product reliability.

With the American economy in the midst of a not-recession recession, manufacturers are having to pull out some very creative ideas to help market their products. Add onto this the fact that SSD technology carries a premium, even when OCZ offers it at the lowest prices ever, there needs to be extremely eye-catching product packaging to help along sales. Generally speaking, nearly every single SSD product we've sampled has had a very boring package that is nowhere near as exciting as most other computer hardware packaging we handle. OCZ appears to have taken my criticism of their past product presentation to heart, because for once it looks like there's a lot more than performance and value to lure you to the retail shelves.

Product appearance for SSD's is no easy task to handle successfully, just as I mentioned in the introduction. We're talking about a product that either hides inside a notebook computer and is usually only seen just once at installation, or it gets lost in depths of an oversized tower computer case. For what the CORE series is supposed offer, this OCZ SSD looks perfectly fine. I wouldn't expect unnecessary shine or glimmer from the finish of a value-segment product, and it's not there. Nevertheless, the OCZ Core series SSD has the appearance equal to the most expensive SSD products we've tested.

Construction is probably the strongest feature asset credited to any SSD product. Solid State Drives are by nature immune to most abuses, but add to this a hard shell and you have to wonder what it would take to make this drive fail. Keep wondering, because I'm not in a position to wreck one of these just yet. The steel enclosure used to protect the OCZ Core series SSD may not keep this drive safe from electrical shock like a plastic enclosure would, but it can certainly take a beating.

HD Tach reported 119 MBps read and 74 MBps write bandwidth performance, while ATTO suggests 110 MBps read and 77 MBps write. These test results confirm that OCZs claim of 120 MBps read and 80 MBps write bandwidth are certainly plausible maximum specifications you can expect to achieve. The read speed is excellent on the OCZ OCZSSD2-1C64G, while at the same time write performance very impressive. The OCZ Core SSD matches stated performance from their second-generation SATA-II controller.

Value is a relative term, especially when you discuss bleeding edge technology. People ridicule the thought of making the high-dollar purchase of an SSD over a standard hard drive, but then they get into their Hummer and go to Starbucks for a $7 coffee. At the ends of every emerging technology are two sides: one which will buy the technology and one that will not. Thankfully, Solid State Disk technology is made more affordable by the dropping price of DRAM (for the moment) and OCZ's ability to deliver a product within a very affordable price range. At the time of this writing, the 64 GB version (OCZSSD21C64G) of OCZ's SATA-II CORE series SSD is offered at several online retailers for around $260. NewEgg currently sells the 64 GB version for $269.00. Not a completely inexpensive storage solution, but still much less costly than all others by far.

In conclusion, OCZ has finally given consumers an undeniable reason for upgrading with a SSD product. The OCZ Core series offers excellent SATA-II performance on par with solid state products that cost thousands more, which means that the best experience doesn't have to cost the most money. Solid State Drives are excellent products for extending notebook battery life and increasing overall system performance, and the OCZ OCZSSD21C64G is an exemplary product that proves this point. The read speeds are near to 120 MBps and write-to speeds recorded close to 80 MBps, putting the fastest HDDs behind is performance. With Core series pricing the most affordable we've ever seen, gamers and hardware enthusiasts should soon experience the benefits this new technology can give their high-performance computer system. I completely endorse the OCZ Core Series SATA-II Solid State Drive because it offers top-level read and write speed performance at a cost comparable to enthusiast hard drives.


+ 119 MBps read / 74 MBps write bandwidth in HD Tach
+ Very low power consumption extends battery life
+ Lightweight storage solution
+ Resistant to extreme shock impact
+ Up to 128 GB of SSD capacity
+ 2-Year OCZ warranty
+ $4 per gigabyte price ratio
+ Very accurate product specifications


- Steel case does not protect from electrical shock damage
- Comparatively high response time based on SSDs tested


  • Presentation: 8.75
  • Appearance: 8.75
  • Construction: 9.75
  • Functionality: 9.50
  • Value: 8.50

Final Score: 9.05 out of 10.

Excellence Achievement: Benchmark Reviews Golden Tachometer Award.

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# RE: OCZ Core Series SATA-II SSD OCZSSD2-1C64GRaj Naraine 2010-09-19 14:52
Hello I, bought a Core 64GB - OCZSSD2-1C64G sometime
ago. It worked fin with Vista and XP. Win 7 has a problem
it never loads on this SSD .. Is there any firmware etc..
I can use to have win 7 workng on this SSB.

Best Regards
Raj Naraine
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# RE: RE: OCZ Core Series SATA-II SSD OCZSSD2-1C64GOlin Coles 2010-09-19 15:39
There have been several firmware updates for this product. Visit here:
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