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SOYO 26-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor DYLM26E6 E-mail
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Written by Olin Coles   
Sunday, 29 June 2008
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SOYO 26-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor DYLM26E6
Features and Specifications
SOYO DYLM26E6 Exterior
DYLM26E6 Detailed Features
LCD OSD Menu Features
Performance Testing Methodology
Gaming Performance
Power Consumption
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

SOYO 26-Inch Monitor DYLM26E6

Benchmark Reviews has tested several different monitors over the past year, and even though they all offer nearly the same features there still seems to be a high premium paid for some names. Not SOYO. Last year we reviewed the 24-Inch DYLM24D6, which was an extremely popular widescreen monitor that could be purchased for less than $300. That was over a year ago, and so as you can imagine prices have come down a but since then. Today we get to offer another excellent value: SOYO 26-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor MT-NI-DYLM26E6. Priced to be the most affordable monitor in its class, the DYLM26E6 carries an unbelievable value for any 26" widescreen LCD that can produce 1920x1200 WUXGA resolution.


Of all the computer hardware that I test, monitors are the one item that I find the most interesting. You see, monitors are many things to many people; but they are never a simple statistic. Most people are unaware that LCD monitors use a pre-defined native resolution to display the picture, and unlike CRT monitors they do not keep clarity as they scale in size. Changing the panel resolution will result in an out-of-focus image and poor user experience, so it is often left alone. But using a larger resolution also means that your graphics card must work harder to produce the picture.

For most people, this is a non-issue because they use their computer for general purpose tasks like web browsing and e-mail. Resolution only becomes an issue when 3D graphics are involved. Gamers are most affected by this phenomenon, and often times they are unaware of their decisions. Of course we all want a large widescreen display for our personal enjoyment, but what if it meant lower video game performance? This is where it becomes necessary to match a monitor to the correct graphics hardware.


The SOYO 26-Inch Pearl series widescreen LCD monitor DYLM26E6 incorporates superior TFT (Thin Film Transistor) display technology in a stylish compact design that frees up valuable desk space, with a wide-angle flat screen that offers a view of the screen from sharp corner angles without compromising image quality. Featuring high brightness, sharp contrast and vivid colors for hours of comfortable viewing, SOYO also integrates built-in speakers deliver stereo-quality sound.

About the company: SOYO Group, Inc.

EDITORS NOTE: SOYO has filed for bankruptcy and is no longer in business.

The SOYO brand name is synonymous with quality, performance and value. Established in 1999 with headquarters in Ontario, California, SOYO Group, Inc. (OTCBB: SOYO) is a leading global provider of computer motherboards, computer peripheral devices, consumer electronics, networking, portable storage and broadband telecommunications products and services that meet the needs of all markets - from the end-user to the enterprise.

Soyo FM-SY-SLIM20GB 20GB SlimEx Platinum External USB 1.8" Hard Drive

Best known as a manufacturer of designer motherboards, SOYO's line of high-performance DRAGON single-processor boards support both the Intel and AMD platforms. Recognizing demand for cost-effective, reliable and high-quality peripherals that provide universally compatible solutions, SOYO has expanded its line of products and services to meet the needs of the consumer, SOHO, SMB, enterprise and gaming markets.

Over the years, SOYO has established strategic relationships with major global manufacturers, and through our extensive sales channels, we deliver a wide range of cutting-edge, cost-effective products. With sales offices in California and Sao Palo, Brazil, SOYO sells its products through an extensive network of authorized distributors, resellers, system integrators, VARs, retailers, mail-order catalogs and e-tailers.


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