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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Dell Professional P2412H 24" Monitor Review

As photography professionals and computer enthusiasts flock to the banner of IPS technology, the business arena is still ruled by TN monitors. After all, these lower end panels meet most businesses' needs but typically sport a lower cost. Business consumers usually have four main priorities: energy efficiency, performance, ease of setup/use, and value. However, finding a panel with all of these aspects rolled into one package has become harder and harder. The all new TN-based Dell P2412H on the other hand has been designed from the ground up to give business users exactly what they want without any budget busting extraneous gimmicks or gadgets... Hardware Canucks



# Pretty goodM J 2012-11-26 14:13
I'm surprised that this item is on a Dell webpage. I was told by a Dell sales rep last October that it's no longer sold by Dell.
I got it from a retail vendor at a good price. It was chosen because it's the only one of its size that will fit in the space I've allotted for it thanks to its adjustable height. It?s quite satisfactory. The only thing about it I don?t like is the fact that with contrast set at 100% it doesn?t have the degree of contrast I?d like and with the brightness set at 0% it is yet too bright in some occasions.
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