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Friday, 13 April 2012

Ozone Opto Gaming Mouse Review

The Radon exists in two versions, a 3K and a 5K. It was not a matter of voters monthly or yearly, but a question of sensor. The first asserted a laser sensor slightly less rigged than the second with regard to the number of IPR. Undoubtedly, the value, reported laser, was in excellent mouse. Although there were some flaws, but they ultimately remained acceptable. The optical strength returning, Ozone has followed suit and proposes its Radon with an optical sensor. So, here is the Radon Opto; good, okay, the guys in the marketing department were not too trampled on the name of the mouse ... It does remind you of certain titles or tests crappy news? Nooo, but marketing will not go through us! Ah, if we have forgotten, for good measure, the Opto is sent to us with a carpet, Ground Level Evo. And to have evolved, it has evolved... Cowcotland


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