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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Lian Li Hammer PC-100 PC Tower Case Review

It is always good to hear a rep say ‘hi, you want to review this Lian Li case?' Because you know that it is something that not really one gets a chance to review. But we were fortunately this time around as we did get called on to review one of Lian Li newest and often talked about case.

That case would be The Hammer or PC-100. The Hammer has made its rounds around the forums do to one of its unique features. The feature is a win to some and little bit on the strange side for others. That one unique feature is the 180 degree turn of the motherboard. Yes, you hear it right. The rear of the motherboard is now in the front of the case. Today, we will see how this places out for Lian Li... Pro-Clockers


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