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Written by Olin Coles   
Wednesday, 07 May 2008
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Xigmatek Achilles S1284 HDT CPU Cooler
Thermally Conductive Element Reference
Achilles S1284 HDT CPU Cooler
CAC-SXHH4-U02 Detailed Features
Test Notes and Methodology
CPU Cooler Test Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Xigmatek Achilles S1284

Xigmatek has really made a name for themselves over the past year thanks to the Heat-pipe Direct Touch technology that they have embraced. When Benchmark Reviews originally reviewed the HDT-S1283 cooler we were absolutely astonished by the incredible results. Once again, we are the very first to test the newest hardware, and you'll be impressed to know that this product delivers the performance needed by overclockers while fulfilling the enthusiasts wish list for attractive features. Benchmark Reviews introduces the Xigmatek Achilles S1284 HDT CPU Cooler CAC-SXHH4-U02 and tests the performance against the top competitors.

Since we have very recently published our Best CPU Cooler Performance - Q1 2008 article, there's still another two months remaining before the follow-up is due out. We know that HDT (Heat-pipe Direct Touch) technology has turned the CPU cooler industry on its ear, and enthusiasts are still clinging onto their old technology for hopes that it will forever be the best. After the OCZ Vendetta 2 (OCZTVEND2) was declared the champion, and a handful of other HDT coolers trailed closely behind, old products like the Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme were knocked down a few pegs from the top of the list. This effectively stirred a revolt in the enthusiast and overclocker ranks, with confusion and chaos ensuing. But have no fear, Benchmark Reviews is here.

In this review, we have spent an entire day testing and re-testing some of the most popular coolers available. Even the "TRUE" fan-boys should rejoice, because we've retested this product (four different installs) to make sure we put the controversy to rest. Now, we don't want to give up too many details so early on the article, not this will stop the majority of people from skipping directly the test results, but there's something a few "readers" might find interesting if they peruse though this entire article... think of it as a buyer beware warning, or two.


Computer hardware is an ever-evolving industry, and since Moores law only applies to an exponentially growing transistor count then there should probably be another law for cooling. In the very recent past there have been two major trends which have accelerated the performance potential of CPU cooler. That first development was the use of heat-pipes to directly contact with the CPU surface; which resulted in the Heat-pipe Direct Touch technology. The second development is by no mean a new concept, just new to our industry in specific. For many years now heatsinks have been full of right angles, but very recently companies have begun to recognize the need to disrupt smooth airflow and reduce the laminar skin effect which allows air to travel just above the solid surface. Some manufacturers have used at least one of these new concepts in their product design, and only a few are beginning to incorporate both. Benchmark Reviews will see how much this effects the overall performance as we test a large segment of products.

Our scope is limited to stand-alone products only, meaning those products which can be installed and operated without additional critical components needed or kit construction. This generally excludes nearly all liquid cooling systems, which may offer better performance than the products we test. Suffice it to say however, the vast majority of gamers and enthusiasts are using air-cooled solutions and therefore we target this article towards them.

Manufacturers are not expected to enjoy this sort of comparison, since we level the playing field by replacing their included fan (whenever applicable) with a common unit which we then use in testing every CPU cooler unit in our product group. Manufacturers regularly include fans with their CPU cooler products, and more often than not these fans are very high RPM units which offer great airflow at the expense of an obnoxiously loud noise level. By using the same model of cooling fan throughout our testing, we can assure our results are comparable across the board, and no one product will receive the advantage of a higher-performing fan. This is one of the more significant changes we have made to our test methodology, since many of the benchmark tests we have conducted in the past have compared the total package. Ultimately we're more interested isolating the product and discovering the best CPU cooler performance, and we believe that you'll feel the same way.

We encourage hardware enthusiasts to utilize the equipment available to them, and select the cooling fan that best suits their needs. Just keep in mind that exceptional cooling performance must begin with the CPU cooler, and end with the cooling fan. It's the foundation of the unit that makes a difference, which is exactly what we're after in this article.

About the company: XigmatekXigmatek Company Logo Co, Ltd.

XIGMATEK, a European company, was established in 2005 with the aim of becoming one of the world leaders in the Thermal field. In XIGMATEK, the major members of management have many years experience in Thermal industry, PC, manufacturing and other applications. With our fruitful experience, we have full confidence that we can provide not only the best, reliable, environmental and performing Thermal/Cooling systems but excellent service also to fulfill global user demand.

Purpose and targets of becoming one of the worlds leaders in thermal PC Industry were set for Xigmatek Co. Ltd in 2005, the founding year! To ensure reaching this project aim, Xigmatek's management followed up with hard work, experience and customer friendly business style.

Honing one of the world's most efficient manufacturing operations, Integration Presence in major economic regions, being tied up with most important strategic alliances between suppliers and academia and further majority investments in R&D are some of Xigmatek's aggressive enhancement strategies.

Combining the cream of product designers, R&D engineers and technical people (main team in Germany) Xigmatek is proud and full of confidence to offer excellent quality products and service to cover the customers requirements and demands.

Within the standard channels as the consumer market and the distributing electrical appliances, Xigmatek will keep on focusing on development and set up even new sales channels to comply with ever-changing demands and requirements.

Several years of experiences company background in Thermal IT industry provides our customer the best, reliable, environmental and performing Thermal/Cooling Systems including excellent Service to fulfill global users and customers demands.


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