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Written by Olin Coles   
Friday, 14 March 2008
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MemoRight GT MR25.2-064S 2.5-Inch 64GB SATA SSD
SDD Features and Specifications
MemoRight GT Closer Look
SSD Testing Methodology
HD Tach Benchmarks
ATTO Disk Benchmark Results
SSD Final Thoughts
MR25.2-064S Conclusion

MemoRight GT Features

  • Sequential Read Speed > 120 MB/sec
  • Sequential Write Speed > 120 MB/sec
  • High Rectify errors ability <10 (-16) and High data security
  • Balanced wear leveling enables the product's lifespan to extend to up to more than 10 years
  • Better shock durability, Low power consumption, No Noise

MR25.2-064S SATA SSD Specifications

Model No. MR25.1-064S
Unformatted Capacity 64GB
Interface standard 2.5" SATA
Max.sustained write transfer (Mbytes/sec) >120
Max.sustained read transfer (Mbytes/sec) >120
Random IOPS @ 512 Bytes Read >9000 Write >500
Cache (Mbytes) 16
Bytes Per Sector 512
Media SLC NAND Flash
Reliability/ Durability
Non recoverable Read Errors per Bits Read <10-16
ECC (bit/528 Byte) 4
Write Endurance, 500 GB/Day (year) >10
Data Retention (year) >10
Power Consumption
Voltage 5V ±5%
Power (Watts)
Warm-up 2.5
Sustained Read/Write 2.5/2.5
Idle 1.0 (SATA)
Commercial (C) 0 to 70
Industrial (C) -25 to 75
Military (C) -40 to 85
Nonoperating Temperature (C) -40 to 95
Shock (operating) 2 msec (Gs) 200
Non shock (operating) 1 msec (Gs) 800
Operating Altitude (feet) 0 to 40000
Acoustic (bels. Typical) 0
Physical Size
Length (in/mm) 3.945/100.02
Width (in/mm) 2.75/69.85
Height(in/mm) 0.374/9.5
Weight (lb/g) 3.527/100
Data Collected by Benchmark Reviews

Remarkable Reduction of Booting Time

The system boot speed is determined by the time required for the hard disk to read the data need by the OS for operation, regardless of CPU or memory performance. Accordingly, it is difficult to expect fundamental improvement in boot speed without addressing the structural problem associated with the hard disk. The MemoRight GT SSD uses nonvolatile flash memory to resolve this problem. With a maximum read speed of 120 MB/s, data is read three times faster than an average hard disk, remarkably expediting the computers boot process.

Improved Work Efficiency for Heavy Load Tasks including Photoshop, Premiere and CAD

Applications that involve large-scale images or videos such as Photoshop, Premiere and AutoCAD require substantial amounts of time for rendering and storing data. Memorights GT dramatically reduces the work time so that professional photographers, graphic designers, video professionals, engineers, and architects all conduct tasks efficiently and maximize cost reduction.

Seamless Game Experience

Online and PC games such as Crysis and Call of Duty 4 involve large scale data exceeding 1GB, extending the time required to load the game and read new data when accessing a new map. The MemoRight SSD expedites the loading process and allows users to experience uninterrupted, optimal game environments.

Outstanding Durability Optimized for Mobile System

Thanks to the ubiquitous environment that allows networking regardless of time and place, various types of mobile devices have become essential part of our lives. However, it is not easy to maintain data security in mobile and portable devices that are always on the move. The MR25.2-064S SATA SSD is a semiconductor storage device built with flash memory modules. It is light and sturdy, minimizing the risk of damaging the data against drops, impact or vibration.

Reduced Battery Power Consumption for Longer Notebook Computer Use

Being able to use a notebook PC or a mobile device even for 10 minutes longer is very important. MemoRight's GT SSD only consumes 0.5W in the idle state, allowing significant power saving for the notebook computer and UMPC.


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