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Thermaltake Element G Case E-mail
Written by HiTechLegion   
Friday, 10 July 2009

Anyone who is in to cars or old hot rods knows that nothing goes together better than a flat black paint job with red accents. Whether the body is black with red hand painted pinstriping, or the wheels are painted red or have a red pinstripe to accent the flat black finish. The nice contrast between the brightness of the red and the dark subtlety of flat black make for a marriage made in heaven. This color combination has worked for decades and has found its way into other cultures including bikes, clothing and now computers.

Thermaltake has always been on the cutting edge of technology and style when it has come to making components for the computer industry. The quality and attention to detail has been exceptional throughout the years with many innovative designs bringing new ideas to the table, especially with computer cases. Well, Thermaltake has made another step in style by re-living the well loved color combination of flat black and red trim in the form of a high quality computer case.

The Thermaltake Element G is an innovative and stylish mid tower case. The Thermaltake Element G fuses the flat black and red trim style of the hot rod era, with modern technology. Part of the innovation of the case is certainly found in its modular design and subtle accents, with excellent provisions to provide superior cooling to the system within the case. HiTechLegion


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