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Written by HiTechLegion   
Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Titan Fenrir Heatsink Review

Summer is quickly approaching and the race to prepare to beat the heat begins. We all begin to prepare the air conditioners in our houses and our cars. We begin to plan our vacations to spots around the world by the water to enjoy the cool breezes and relax and cool off in the water. We flood the home improvement and pool supply stores to get our pools ready to provide a nice relief from the ongoing heat of the summer. Through all of this, we will most likely neglect the concerns of heat found in a simple piece of our lives, the computer. Much like us, our computer, especially the CPU, needs to be relieved from the heat year round, but especially in the summer. Heat can damage and kill a CPU just like it could kill any one of us, or Buster, who you just left in the car for an hour without bothering to crack the windows. So as a tribute to those fallen CPUs that have suffered their fate at the hands of heat, I will review a live breathing heatsink geared toward the hot Intel Core i7 processors.

The heatsink is the life blood of the CPU's health status, and helps to maintain temperature levels so that the brain of our computer doesn't overheat and become another casualty in the pile with the rest. The variety of air cooled heatsinks has grown at an incredible rate with so many choices staring us in the face. Each manufacturer has taken a different approach and built upon one another's successes and failures. Titan has taken this knowledge, gained through the years, and constructed a heatsink that is not only impressive in size and design, but holds the promise to cool even the mighty Core i7.

The Titan Fenrir heatsink is an aluminum finned heatsink with four copper heatpipes. The Titan Fenrir features a 120mm fan for added cooling and air flow. The Titan Fenrir also features an integrated design in the contact surface, fusing both the aluminum base and the copper heatpipes to maintain constant contact with the CPU. The Titan Fenrir is also designed to work on all three of the major socket types, including the Intel LGA775, LGA1366, and the AMD AM2 sockets. HiTechLegion

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