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Written by Olin Coles   
Friday, 07 March 2008
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A-Data Vitesta DDR3-1600X CL7 PC3-12800 RAM
Closer Look: A-Data Vitesta X DDR3
DDR3 Comparison Review Progress
RAM Testing Methodology
Test Results: A-Data AD31600X002GU
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

A-Data Vitesta X DDR3

Benchmark Reviews has amassed the largest collection of DDR3 memory modules anywhere, and we are now ready to showcase the thirteenth product of our High-Speed DDR3 Review Series. In this article, we test the performance from A-Data's Vitesta X series DDR3, and discover if this overclocker-specific system memory is built for the task. Rated for 1600MHz, Benchmark Reviews successfully pushes the AD31600X002GU well beyond its PC3-12800 rating without disturbing the low 7-7-7-20 clock latency.

DDR3 Memory offers such a high front side bus to overclockers that CPU speeds can reach well beyond extreme. A-Data has produced the Vitesta X 1600MHz DDR3 PC3-12800 CL7-7-7-20 AD31600X002GU 2x1GB RAM kit for hardware enthusiasts to take advantage of. Benchmark Reviews has discovered more overclocking headroom in these modules than nearly all the others, which could make or break the most performance-critical overclocking project.

System memory (RAM) manufacturers are in a tough position these days. Everybody wants the latest technology which runs faster and operates more efficiently, but nobody wants the price tag that comes with it. Because DDR2 fabrication assembly plants are nearing obsolescence, the equipment depreciation has caused DDR2 prices to drop very near to the actual cost of production. This is bad news for the manufacturer, while conversely it means great savings to the consumer. So while manufacturers try to squeeze the last drops of revenue out of DDR2, along comes DDR3.

Since JEDEC is about to finalize 1600MHz as a standard DDR3 speed, many kits which were once considered High-Speed will now be relegated to standard speed parts. This means that high-grade components such as A-Data's Vitesta DDR3-1600X will lose the "High-Speed" designation and be relegated to standard SPD assigned profiles. But until the new standard is made official, manufacturers can still enjoy the premium designation for at least a little while longer.

A-Data Vitesta 1600MHz DDR3 CL7-7-7-20 AD31600X002GU

Many of the readers will probably not consider DDR3 an important part of the hardware market just yet, and in a very few ways I can agree with them. It's expensive, and it's not going to change their system from a 2 to a 10. Nevertheless, I think that this argument only exists if you have missed the point: DDR3 is a more efficient replacement over DDR2 in many different ways, and high-speed DDR3 (presently anything over 1333MHz) is intended for overclockers and enthusiasts almost exclusively. In a year from now, expect to have DDR3 pressed into your new motherboard. However for today, the demand behind DDR3 and its high-speed variants is best met by the growing number of hardware enthusiasts which push their equipment well past the stock settings.

Benchmark Reviews continues on with our High-Speed DDR3 Overclocking and Review Series, and in this article we focus on overclockers and hardware enthusiasts. Many of the kits we have tested so far come right out of the box with uncommon speeds, and others do their best to get there with some overclock induced massages. In this review of the A-Data Vitesta DDR3-1600X system memory kit we offer a product that is both affordable and performance orientated.

All of this is great news for the overclocker, the hardcore gamer, and the hardware enthusiast; which has been the case every time high-end system memory parts arrive to the market. It wasn't all that long ago we all had SDRAM with 1 and 1.5CL timings, and then DDR arrived with CL3. Nobody complained then, so I'm not sure why they are starting now. It was the exact same story when DDR2 arrived to replace DDR; which nearly doubled the timings. So from a technical standpoint we should appreciate that the timings have only gradually increased with the clock speed, because history has proven this to be difficult.

The Patriot DDR3 1866MHz kit we reviewed not long ago presently holds the record for fastest DDR3 module produced, and the Corsair DDR3 1800MHz kit overclocked to 1900MHz which is simply incredible. This kit may not represent their product, but A-Data also offers a Vitesta DDR3-2000X kit which is certain to make heads turn. But to no surprise the price for these products alone is nearly enough to build a nice computer system. It is for this very reason that system builders have been slow to build off of the DDR3 platform: everything looks expensive. Thanks to phenomenal overclocking headroom in the Vitesta PC3-12800 CL7-7-7-20 AD31600X002GU kit A-Data can deliver the best of both worlds.

EDITORS NOTE: Benchmark Reviews has also published the article DDR3 RAM: System Memory Technology Explained


The launch of new-generation platforms such as Intel P35 Chipset has fueled extreme overclockers' never-ending quest for improved memory performance. A-DATA Technology has now launched first overclock DDR3 1600X memory to Vitesta X series. This new product, which takes DDR3 clock performance to new heights of excellence, provides mainstream platforms such as Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad and Core 2 Extreme with extra bite.

Over the years, A-DATA has built a reputation for consistently high quality. To ensure stable operation over extended periods of usage, the DDR3-1600X uses only original DDR3 famous Micron chips; burn-in testing and rigorous dual-channel capability testing. The highest quality standards are maintained at every stage in the production process, to create a first-class memory product that combines high stability with high performance. Using a 128m X8 pin layout, the DDR3-1600X is available in 2GB Kit (1GB X2) Dual channel kit version. Timing recommendations for overclocking are provided, making it easy for even beginners to implement overclocking.


  • Suitable for: Desktop PCs
  • Module specification: 240Pin Unbuffered-DIMM Non ECC
  • Versions available: 2GB Kit (1GBx2)
  • Pin layout: 128m x8
  • Transmission bandwidth: 12800MB/Sec(PC3-12800)
  • CL Value: 7-7-7-20
  • Working voltage: 1.75V-1.85V
  • Lifetime warranty
  • About the company: A-DATA Technology Co., Ltd.A-DATA Technology Co., Ltd.

    A-DATA is the world's second largest vendor of memory modules (DRAMeXchange, July 2006), 2006 Taiwan Top 20 Global Brands as well as Emerging Brand (Interbrand, September 2006). The company's main product lines include memory modules, Flash memory drives/cards, and multimedia application products. A-DATA's corporate philosophy emphasizes constant innovation, first-rate quality and superior product performance; its innovative products have led the way in the memory industry. A-DATA products have won many major Taiwanese and international awards, including Germany's iF Design award and RedDot award, Japan's Good Design Award, TAITRA's Best Export IT Product Award, and Taiwan Excellence Silver Awards.

    To find out more about A-DATA and its products, you can visit the A-DATA website at:


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