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Written by Olin Coles   
Sunday, 13 January 2008
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2008 International CES Computer Technology Highlights
Belkin Flywire Wi-Fi N 5GHz HDMI HDTV Receiver
D-Link DIR-855 Router and D-Life
NVIDIA Hybrid SLI Technology
Thermaltake BigWater 780 ESA and Armor LS
Cooler Master CSX and Cosmos S Cases
SilverStone ESA Commander and SaberTooth Mouse
OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator and HydroFlow
NVIDIA Stereosonic 3D Gaming
Logitech Harmony One Touchscreen LCD Remote Control
Lian Li PC-P80 Full-Tower ATI Spider Case
2008 CES Final Thoughts and Conclusion

NVIDIA Stereosonic 3D Gaming

If you're keen to the industry offerings by NVIDIA over the past several years, then you might already be familiar with their 3D Stereo technology. I don't understand how they came to name this genius concept with a misleading name, so I have decided that when they used the term Stereosonic 3D during a demonstration for Benchmark Reviews and NVIDIA's Brian Burke that I would do my best to make it stick.

The great part of 3D Stereo is that it's offered for free as part the ForceWare software. Games are the primary media, since XYZ 3D positions are already written in the native code of most every modern 3D game. There are plenty of 3D Stereo glasses available in different designs from several manufacturers, but a "3D Display" compliant monitor/HDTV is still required to make it all happen. During the demo I found myself amazed at the absolute clarity of the glasses NVIDIA was using, but the look reminded me of a senior citizen leaving the optometrist.

In the game menu screen pictured above, you get a feel for how the software interacts with the technology. The menu is not offset because it's not a 3D drawing, and object closest to you receive very little enhancement. But I can tell you from first hand experience that the crowd in the background was the most interesting part of the entire demo. Unlike in the regular game which made rows of people seem drawn at different distances, the Stereosonic 3D version made each and every person in the crowd stand out with a different depth. Not only that, but they were completely three-dimensional; the nose clearly stood out beyond the face, and corners very extremely realistic in their perceptive distance. Of course, newer games offer some of the best XYZ programming and shadow physics, so the experience is going to be as good as the media.

2008 International CES Computer Technology NVIDIA Stereosonic 3D Demo

Later into the day I would see Zalman showcase their own ultra-clear 2D/3D convertible LCD monitors (ZM-M190 pictured below). The media they used was not a game, to my complete surprise, but was a mixture of HD television and movie footage. Additionally, the glasses Zalman featured at this exhibit (near the mouse) were actually of a design I would consider wearing outdoors (because I'm a sexy bitch).

I agree with NVIDIA that with 3D Stereo, gaming will never be the same. Thanks to the tight integration of their drivers and NVIDIA's customized stereoscopic 3D support, NVIDIA 3D Stereo is the fastest consumer 3D stereoscopic solution available today, resulting in games that look the best and run the fastest.


In addition, NVIDIA 3D Stereo works on the broadest range of applications, making it the most compatible 3D stereoscopic solution ever available. Previous implementations of stereoscopic 3D support have been proprietary to specific graphics cards, stereoscopic glasses, and special versions of games. Now, NVIDIA 3D Stereo brings stereoscopic 3D support to the entire product family of graphics cards running games developed with Direct3D and OpenGL APIs without requiring special versions of your favorite games. If the price is reasonable and the glasses remain as cool as what Zalman offered, then this technology could easily change gaming forever! More information is available here:


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