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Mtron MOBI 3000 2.5-Inch 16GB SSD MSD-SATA3025 E-mail
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Written by Olin Coles   
Monday, 25 February 2008
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Mtron MOBI 3000 2.5-Inch 16GB SSD MSD-SATA3025
SDD Features and Specifications
Mtron MOBI Closer Look
Mtron MSD-SATA3025 Detailed Features
SSD Testing Methodology
HD Tach Benchmarks
System Speed Test Results
SSD Final Thoughts
MSD-SATA3025 Conclusion

Mtron MOBI SSD Closer Look

Modern day computers have been heading in two different directions for several years now. Desktop computer systems have been pushing the performance envelope, and everything from designer cases to extremely powerful graphics cards have kept everything large scale. On the other hand, notebook computers are in a constant struggle to get more out of less. Very recently Apple announced the new MacBook Air notebook, which offers the solid state drive as an optional upgrade. Not coincidentally, the Mtron MOBI 3000 MSD-SATA3025 SSD offers the best to both worlds, and manufacturers are beginning to take notice.

Mtron MOBI 3000 2.5-Inch 16GB SSD MSD-SATA3025

The very first impression the Mtron MOBI 3000 made on me was how light it was. At first, I thought that I had just picked up an empty box. At 86 grams, the MOBI weighs considerably less than the average 2.5" notebook drive which typically spans 110-120 grams. This is primarily attributed to the lack of metal components used to construct the drive.

Some people may not be a fan of the white plastic shell, but quite frankly it seemed visually pleasing to me. Of course, if you're a fan of anything Apple Computers has produced in the past five years, you'll probably like it too. On the up-side to Mtron's design is the malleable plastic used in the casing; sharp impacts will leave a dent in the plastic and not a crack. On the down-side, none of the screw holes come pre-drilled, which means you had better be ready to manhandle a screwdriver.

Mtron MOBI 3000 2.5-Inch 16GB SSD MSD-SATA3025

A bright white plastic encases the Mtron MOBI, and offers a lightweight and durable shell to the inner components. While some other manufacturers have decided that a metal case helps separate their product from the pack, they forget a few key variables such as impact on weight and shock value (both electrical and gravitational). Mtron's decision to use a plastic shell might seem "economical", but after several weeks of constantly handling the drive I see their wisdom. Dropping an ultra-lightweight plastic shell on a hard surface creates far less of an impact than a heavier metal-encased SSD.

Mtron MOBI 3000 2.5-Inch 16GB SSD MSD-SATA3025

Mtron SSD's consist of only semiconductors and NAND flash memory, which help give the MOBI a rugged durability against shock and vibration. Furthermore, Mtron has equipped their SSD's with a very elaborate flash memory management algorithm to guarantee high data integrity.

In our next section, Benchmark Reviews takes a look at what makes the Mtron MOBI 3000 SSD tick. We let Mtron disassemble their own SSD to illustrate this, but we explain the concept.


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