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Written by Olin Coles   
Tuesday, 19 February 2008
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OCZ 64GB SATA 2.5" Solid State Drive OCZSSD64GB
OCZ SSD Support Addendum
OCZ SSD Closer Look
Testing and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Testing Methodology

EDITORS NOTE: Please read Solid State Drive (SSD) Benchmark Performance Testing to understand how the benchmarks used in this article should be interpreted.

At this point in technology, there are several key differences between Solid State Disks and magnetic rotational hard disk drives. While the DRAM-based buffer size is ever-increasing, there is still a delay in the initial response time. This is one key area in which the SSD dominates. However, once the SSD begins reading or writing data, it does so at a constant rate. This current rate is comparable to the data burst rate mentioned in hard disk drive tests.

It's unfair to compare a Solid State Disk to a standard hard disk drive; even if you're comparing the fastest rotational spindle speeds. One is going to be many times faster in response (SSD's), and the other is going to have higher throughput bandwidth (HDD's). So with this inevitable truth in mind, Benchmark Reviews will test this item and represent our findings as stand-alone results.

Benchmark Applications

  • HD Tach RW v3.0.4.0
  • System Speed Test v4.78

Test System Specifications

HD Tach RW Benchmark Results

The graphical user interface (GUI) of the Windows-based benchmark tool HD Tach is very convenient. and allows the test product to be compared against others collected on your system or those registered into the Simpli Software database. In this product review, it's very clear from the results below that OCZ is not trying to make claims to the performance crown.


While this 64GB SATA Solid State Drive does offer a decent random access time well beneath that of any spindle-based hard disk drive, it is not among the fastest SSD's we have tested to date. OCZ utilizes the Samsung MCBQE64GBMP solid state disk for their OCZSSD64GB product, which Samsung spec's with a 0.25ms response time.

System Speed Test v4.78

System Speed Test (SST) is probably the best disk bandwidth testing tool available, and yet so many product analysts are unaware of it. SST does not operate from within the Windows Operating System; instead it loads from MS-DOS and operates at the BIOS level. The downside is that the graphics are limited to text and colored lines, but the upside is that the most precise results attainable are recorded.

SSD Drive

Random Access Time

Buffered Read Speed

Lienear Read Speed


0.23 ms

52,628 KBps

44,187 KBps

Based on the results of both the HD Tach and System Speed Test benchmarks, OCZ is being very modest with their system specifications. While I am not at liberty to divulge the test results of other SSD's because of non-disclosure, what I can reveal is that the OCZ 64GB SATA Solid State Drive OCZSSD64GB has tested closer to the stated specifications than any other manufacturer's SSD product thus far.



# RE: OCZ 64GB SATA 2.5David Beeken 2010-02-20 13:04
I am trying to se what seriel number will fit in my new eee pc 901 by Asus? Does your model number OCZSSDMPEP 64G Fit? I just do not know the price nor who sells them! Can you help me out?
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# RE: OCZ 64GB SATA 2.5" Solid State Drive OCZSSD64GBOlin Coles 2010-02-20 16:56
The model number isn't a concern; it's the profile size of the drive that matters. Most notebook computers take a 2.5" drive (which is what most SSDs fit), but several netbooks, including many ASUS Eee PCs, fit a 1.8" ZIF drive.

My advise is to check with ASUS on the size of the drive in your netbook, or take it out and measure it yourself, and then go shopping.
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