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OCZ 64GB SATA 2.5" Solid State Drive OCZSSD64GB E-mail
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Written by Olin Coles   
Tuesday, 19 February 2008
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OCZ 64GB SATA 2.5" Solid State Drive OCZSSD64GB
OCZ SSD Support Addendum
OCZ SSD Closer Look
Testing and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

OCZ 64GB SSD Closer Look

At first glance, the new OCZ 64GB SATA SSD looks like a flight data recorder from an aircraft's black box... and in many ways it is, Solid State Drive are very popular items in military and aerospace technology, primarily because of their ability to withstand shock in excess of 1500 G's. The OCZSSD64GB offers the same rugged longevity, which amounts to safer data even after the worst disasters.

OCZ 64GB SATA 2.5 Inch SSD Solid State Drive OCZSSD64GB Performance Review

The OCZ 64GB Solid State Drive is encased in an aluminum half shell, which fastens from the top with counter-sunk Allen head screws. As much as I would have liked to disassemble the OCZSSD64GB, I was only allowed to test the product and not dissect the sample.

OCZ 64GB SATA 2.5 Inch SSD Solid State Drive OCZSSD64GB Performance Review

Standard 2.5" drive bay mounting points are pre-drilled and threaded in the OCZSSD64GB, which allows for quick upgrade or addition to any existing notebook or desktop system. The mounting positions matched up to the drive bracket on my Dell Inspiron laptop, and without any trouble at all I was quickly loading the operating system on this 64GB SATA SSD Solid State Drive.

OCZ 64GB SATA 2.5 Inch SSD Solid State Drive OCZSSD64GB Performance Review

The underside of the OCZ SSD reveals standard SATA power and data interface connections. Unlike desktop computers which utilize a SATA cable system to connect drive to motherboard, nearly all notebooks allow the 2.5" drive to simply slide directly into a connection bay within the system.

In addition to notebooks and desktop computer usage, the OCZ 64GB SATA SSD Solid State Drive can be utilized for mission-critical backups or high-abuse data systems.



# RE: OCZ 64GB SATA 2.5David Beeken 2010-02-20 13:04
I am trying to se what seriel number will fit in my new eee pc 901 by Asus? Does your model number OCZSSDMPEP 64G Fit? I just do not know the price nor who sells them! Can you help me out?
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# RE: OCZ 64GB SATA 2.5" Solid State Drive OCZSSD64GBOlin Coles 2010-02-20 16:56
The model number isn't a concern; it's the profile size of the drive that matters. Most notebook computers take a 2.5" drive (which is what most SSDs fit), but several netbooks, including many ASUS Eee PCs, fit a 1.8" ZIF drive.

My advise is to check with ASUS on the size of the drive in your netbook, or take it out and measure it yourself, and then go shopping.
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