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Written by Nitin Kumar - Edited by Olin Coles   
Saturday, 17 November 2007
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Microsoft 69R-00001 Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000
Closer Look: Notebook Mouse 5000
69R-00001 Detailed Features
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Final Thoughts

I have been frequently using the mouse for a while now and it is very hard to find a notebook mouse that is comfortable for use over a long period of time because of the small size it represents, of-course if the mouse wasn't small it would not called a notebook mouse. The Notebook Mouse 5000 is very light and comfortable and I have purchased numerous notebook mice over the course of last few years and I can honestly state that it is not easy picking a notebook mouse. The choices are numerous and I have to mention the fact that after using this mouse I realized even though this is not the most feature packed notebook mouse from Microsoft, it does represent the quality and excellence that was put in to this mouse.


I do realize that I don't have the biggest hands but my palm rested most comfortably on this mouse than any other I have tried before. I was really impressed that this mouse was a laser mouse and comes with an impressive 1000dpi, which is great considering the fact that this is only a notebook mouse.

Conclusion: Notebook Mouse 5000

As mentioned before Microsoft has been a major contributor to the computer industry over the years. The Notebook Mouse 5000 is just another quality product as expected from a reputable company such as Microsoft. The mouse arrived in great shape and the included bag was a welcomed extra that only helps the user keep the mouse clean so it is not eating dust while not in use.

The Microsoft 69R-00001 Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 is very well constructed out of plastic. It is built very solid and has comfortable feel to it thanks to it's ergonomic design. It has a very nice black and white finish to it, which is something I can not comment on for every user as it is dependent on everyone's personal preference. As far as my personal choice goes I am very much comfortable with this coloring scheme because it matches with most notebooks as most notebooks are white, black, or a mix of both.

Functionality wise the mouse has a lot to it. It carries with it bluetooth technology, battery indicator, laser technology and 1000dpi. I would like to point out that there was no software utility included in the package, however I downloaded the Microsoft Intellimouse utility from their website but sadly it did not support the Notebook Mouse 5000 in the list as of this date. Since this mouse is fairly new It should be included soon because I saw a lot of other notebook mice in the current list.

The Notebook Mouse 5000 is available from for $49.99, which is not a bargain price but at the end its a fair price for the features it represents and you get what you pay for; not to forget the fact that this is a laser mouse. If you do a little more shopping, you can find the 69R-00001 on sale for almost ten dollars less. However I can not justify the price for everyone as it comes to everyone's personal choice and how much one considers is a good price for a notebook mouse.

I have always used optical wireless mouse that are USB 2.0 compatible for my notebook and paid close to $40-50 for a name brand mouse. The Microsoft 69R-00001 Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 is a great buy for those buyers who demand a feature packed mouse for their notebook with bluetooth compatibility and laser technology with 1000dpi. I can highly recommended The Notebook Mouse 5000 to users looking for a feature packed mouse for a fairly decent price and backed by a 3 year limited hardware warranty.

Pros:Benchmark Reviews Golden Tachometer Award

+ Bluetooth Wireless Technology
+ Laser Mouse with 1000dpi
+ 3 year limited hardware warranty
+ Ergonomic Design
+ Power ON/OFF button to save battery life
+ Battery life Indicator


- Software Utility doesn't support the mouse yet.
- Might be pricey for some users.


  • Presentation: 9.0
  • Appearance: 9.0
  • Construction: 9.5
  • Functionality: 9.5
  • Value: 8.0

Final Score: 9.0 out of 10.

Excellence Achievement: Benchmark Reviews Golden Tachometer Award.

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# Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000kainen 2010-08-09 23:54
The Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 is three and half inches long but it is not thin like Kensington Ci75m. This comfortable mouse is compact for easy portability and eliminates the drag found in wired mice, reducing strain and increasing productivity. Experience more accurate clicks with high-definition tracking.
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# Ing.AUGUSTO SANCHEZ 2011-01-09 16:01
Tengo un Mouse 5000, comprado en USA el año pasado (Julio).
Ahora no funciona el LASSER, que puedo hacer??.
Sus datos:
MANUFACTURED December 2009 P/N: X807028.001
PID 77722.523.1014546-10952.
Yo vivo en La Paz Bolivia.
Muchas gracias
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# RE: Microsoft 69R-00001 Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000Bruce 2013-05-22 01:27
This mouse is listed as compatible with Android ICS4.
This is not possible as this mouse does not accept passwotds and ICS4 requires password to connect.
Trust me if you want this mouse for mobile phone, forget it, purchased and tried.
Having said which I tried on PC RUNNING WINXPPro, with dubious results also.
All in all I do not recommend this item.
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