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Written by Nitin Kumar - Edited by Olin Coles   
Saturday, 17 November 2007
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Microsoft 69R-00001 Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000
Closer Look: Notebook Mouse 5000
69R-00001 Detailed Features
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Closer Look: Notebook Mouse 5000

Looks are a major factor for a notebook mouse. In this particular case a company such as Microsoft has to give major act of consideration to the design and looks, and also the one major concern for a consumer is how the mouse would match with their notebook, it might not sound like a huge deal but it is a major selling factor for a notebook mouse. Lets move on to take a closer look at the Notebook Mouse 5000.


When you open the packaging for a notebook mouse you don't expect many extras, other than the mouse itself and batteries. Upon opening the package I was indeed delighted by the fact that the packaging included a carrying bag for the mouse itself. From my personal experience I know how my previous mice have ended up with scratches all over.


As you can see the mouse is designed for comfort, that being said I can personally state that the ergonomic design really helps this mouse stand out. Though notebook mice are smaller than desktop mice and they are not a perfect fit for everyone, but this design is a big plus as it only helps with comfort.


The mouse wheel looks very similar for most mice on the market, and it also has very similar functions. Also right above the mouse wheel there is a battery life indicator, which is great feature that really helps when the battery is running out. I personally have had times where I would not be aware of the battery life and it gets frustrating when you don't have back up batteries. The battery life indicator basically keeps you aware so you know when to expect your mouse to run out of batteries.


Another picture from the front angel showing the ergonomic design. The silver triangle is just there for the looks, and it does honestly stand out in black. However it has no functionality.


This is something I really appreciate Microsoft for, the bag really protects the mouse from cosmetic damages. I have purchased numerous mice for notebooks and I have not come across a single one that was accompanied by a bad such as this or of any type.



# Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000kainen 2010-08-09 23:54
The Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 is three and half inches long but it is not thin like Kensington Ci75m. This comfortable mouse is compact for easy portability and eliminates the drag found in wired mice, reducing strain and increasing productivity. Experience more accurate clicks with high-definition tracking.
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# Ing.AUGUSTO SANCHEZ 2011-01-09 16:01
Tengo un Mouse 5000, comprado en USA el año pasado (Julio).
Ahora no funciona el LASSER, que puedo hacer??.
Sus datos:
MANUFACTURED December 2009 P/N: X807028.001
PID 77722.523.1014546-10952.
Yo vivo en La Paz Bolivia.
Muchas gracias
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# RE: Microsoft 69R-00001 Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000Bruce 2013-05-22 01:27
This mouse is listed as compatible with Android ICS4.
This is not possible as this mouse does not accept passwotds and ICS4 requires password to connect.
Trust me if you want this mouse for mobile phone, forget it, purchased and tried.
Having said which I tried on PC RUNNING WINXPPro, with dubious results also.
All in all I do not recommend this item.
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